Monday, June 23, 2008

Take a mountain vacation with Sloane Taylor, Rob Graham and Celina Summers from Aspen Mountain Press in the Realms of Love Chat Castle Monday June 23. There are some hot releases out from these folks. Read about them below and then join us for an hour of fun and frolic Monday at 9 PM EDT/ 6 PM PDT. Of course, there will be downloads of eBooks given away to lucky chatters! Realms of Love is the place for romance writer chats!

Celina Summers: The Asphodel Cycle: The Gift of Redemption After the defeat of the Duke de Spesialle’s armies, Tamsen de Asphodel finds herself weakened and ill. The toll of the magic she called has ravaged her body, but the demands of the Elven Realm and the kingdom of Ansienne call her to continued duty. With Brial at her side, she ignores her fragility and dives headlong into the political turmoil of both nations. Unfortunately, her uncle Spesialle is not finished with her yet. When she finds herself at his mercy, she must gather all of her wits and courage to combat him. And when the gods demand an answer to the question What gift can buy the redemption of the Elves? Tamsen must decide if she is brave enough to give the right answer.

Rob Graham: Gillian’s Place: Fatima, The Orange Slip, Bill and Ruby, Ruby and Bill & Dinner Date Come on in and have a drink. Gillian’s place is the right place to be to hear some interesting stories of love gone wrong and right.

Sloane Taylor: Teddi Turns On: No one’s going to take advantage of Teddi Howard again, including the Munich tour operator who screwed her over when he reneged on their contract. Her only option is to face the little weasel. But nothing stands in the way of prominent, German businessman David Stiefle, especially a woman.

Hope to see you there!

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey…Hotter than Hell

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