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Today I'll be at Novel Sisterhood,, from 11 - Noon EST, chatting my heart out about my new release CZECH MATE. Stop in to read new excerpts and a chance to win a free download.

Hope to see you there!

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell
TEDDI TURNS ON 2009 EPPIE Finalist - Erotica

Sunday, May 24, 2009




Life isn't easy for aspiring interior designer Lacey Blake when she finds herself stranded in Prague dressed like a dolled up hooker for her fetish minded, soon to be ex, boyfriend. The cash-strapped American traveler, boasting a feather boa and stilettos that would make a dominatrix cry, is saved by an intriguing offer proposed by a staid giant in a sleek Armani suit. It doesn’t take long to convince herself there’s nothing like a sex-fest to get the most out of a free vacation.
Dragan Petrovic is determined his 5-star hotel will retain its unblemished reputation and no prostitute will kickoff her career in his lobby. But one look into her eyes and he knows there is more to her than a micro mini and a push up bra. The urge to protect her drives him to madness when he suggests an unusual scheme that stirs up deep desires and alters their lives forever.

Lacey is hot and ready for action when she accepts Dragon’s offer, and to relieve the sexual tension between them, takes the matter in hand…


...Lacey lifted out a teetering stack of silky looking items. Lingerie? A light blue bra encased with what must be rhinestones slid to the floor, quickly followed by the matching lacey bikini panties.
“What are these?” Dragan knelt next to her, blood pounding through his veins as he captured the delicate cloth in his hands.

“My undies.” She continued to rummage, spilling more silken items onto the carpet.

He lifted an eyebrow. “Uncomfortable?”

“Surprisingly, no.” She giggled, her creamy skin taking on a rosy glow as she dipped her head lower to the suitcase. “Damn it, where is it?”

A vision of her dressed only in the intimate garments and those sexy high heels strapped to her ankles flooded his mind, sending jolts of electricity south.

His stiff cock, which seemed to be its normal posture in her presence, swelled larger as she walked toward him, its throbbing head anxious to be deep inside her, wrapped in her wet heat. The tips of her hard nipples shoved against the silky fabric of her bra, their outline a beacon to his aching member. His fingers itched to caress the soft mounds, rising over the miniscule rhinestone-studded cups, and tongue her hard nipples. He could almost feel the erotic sensation when he released them, mounted her and slid his cock between their firm flesh.

She stepped closer, drawing his attention lower to her shapely hips. Mesmerized, he watched them sway, the movement seductive, sensual, compelling him to taste her.

The clear gems sprinkled across her sheer panties twinkled in the dim light. He licked his dry lips. The burning desire to kiss the lacey vee at the apex of her thighs, suckle her clit through the thin material and graze a finger along her folds brought sweat to his brow.

She slid the bra straps down her shoulders. His heart thudded, banging against his ribcage. He stood…

“Earth to Vic. Come in, Vic.” A hand shook his shoulder, returning him to the present. “Um, you might want to let go, big time.”

He glanced down at his hands, wadding her undergarments into a knot. Kersati. Fuck, what the hell could he say to her and not appear to be an old lecher? “I apologize. My mind must have taken a short vacation.”

She laughed. “Yeah, right. Don’t even think I’ll buy that one, big guy.”

Dragan pursed his lips, not sure how to determine the best way to measure Lacey’s shapely body without appearing to molest her, especially after making a fool of himself over her delicate underwear. He did not trust himself to hold back, and not wrap her in his arms and kiss her until she begged him to make love to her.

Kersati, how the hell could he have become so affected by this young woman in a matter of an hour? He looked at her, his hands fisted tight at his sides.

“Do you have a tape measure?”

He shook his head, not trusting the right words to travel past his lips.

A grin spread across her face and carried to her bright hazel eyes, eyes that seemed to see deep into his soul.

“Then how do you plan to do this? String? Belt?” Her voice echoed the humor radiating from her face. “Silk scarves?”

He looked at his raised hands, the fingers spread wide as if he were testing melons in the market. Disgusted by his absurd action, he jammed them into his trouser pockets.

“It’s not going to happen if you don’t make it happen.” She reached for his wrists. When he dug them deeper into his pockets, she laughed. Kersati, his balls were drawn so tight they hurt...


Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell
TEDDI TURNS ON 2009 EPPIE Finalist - Erotica

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today's selection is from PHOTO OP! released by Aspen Mountain Press.

Our heroine, Emily, is on an exploring mission.

“These are the voyeur rooms.” Emily jumped at the sound of a deep voice in the quiet hallway.

Dammit. She’d been caught snooping and had no plausible excuse to save her nosey ass.

Her hunky dessert server nodded to the long line of wooden doors on either side of the deep red plush carpet. “Perhaps you would like a glimpse inside one?”

Offense is the best defense.

She drew herself up to her full five foot eight. “Is the waitstaff allowed up on the second floor?” Sexy as he was, a girl still had to be careful.

“Only by special request of a member.” His lips twitched at the corners. “Do you have any specialties you would like to request, Emily?”

“No, and if I did it wouldn’t be any of your business.” The broad corridor seemed to have shrunk to a tunnel as the temperature soared.

“Perhaps a cool beverage would soothe your flushed face.” He reached for her elbow, his fingers warm and strong. She surprised herself by not backing away. “Shall we?”

“Since it appears we’re going to become new best friends, what’s your name?” Her voice squeaked out the words.

“Nicholas Caine.” He ran his eyes slowly down her body, then back up. “And I hope we will be more than friends.”

Juices filled her panties at the intriguing thought of more.

“You’re British, aren’t you?” Anything to create a diversion and calm her senses.

“Spot on, but I suspect after twenty years of photographing the world you have learned to place many accents.” His lips curved in dominant a manner and her breasts tightened. “And to answer your other question, yes I am allowed up here. I happen to be one of the owners.”

Voyeurism seems to be hotter than Em expected.

Nick cocked an eyebrow and refilled her glass.

Emily sank onto the gold lacquered medallion armchair, her bottom slipped against the mauve silk fabric.

“Everything all right?”

“Yes, fine. A little warm in here, isn’t it?” She fanned her flushed face before swallowing another cold sip.

He stepped away and did something at the brocade covered wall. A moment later cool air swirled around her. He turned to her and smiled, then gestured toward the glass.

An overly made-up middle-aged blonde sat on the side of a canopy bed, wearing the hottest red come-fuck-me-heels Emily had ever seen. One skinny leg crossed over the other, masking her color coordinated panties.

Emily sat straighter in her chair, curious to see what would happen next. Purely for research, she tried to convince herself, ignoring the tingle low in her abdomen.

The woman leaned back on her outstretched palms and tossed her shoulder length hair, her long breasts bobbing with the movement.

A much younger man silently entered through a side panel. Tall, muscular, and absolutely lickable. His muscles rippled as he walked buck-naked toward the bed, his substantial purple cock pointed north.

“This seems to be more to your liking.” Nick laid his hands on her bare shoulders. A shiver ran through her as he spread his firm fingers across her décolleté. She could only nod as his heat traveled lower to her tight breasts.

Nick pressed his thumbs into Emily’s back, massaging the stress kinks out of her tense muscles, creating a greater need between her thighs. She sighed as his caressing fingers glided up her throat, her secret zone no man had as yet discovered.

A new world opens up for Emily.

“What’s in this room?” Her heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t tell if it was fear or pleasure at the possibilities that motivated her, but she had her fingers crossed they would complete what he’d started a short time back.

“An experience that definitely requires leading up to.” He laid his warm hand over hers as she tried to turn the brass handle. “Emily, what happens in here is not for everyone’s taste. Remember where you are.” He studied her hard. A small frown turned down his lips. “Do you understand me?”

A moment of reservation crossed her mind before she nodded. “Let’s go for it.”

“As you wish.” He pushed open the oak door with a large ornate dragon carved on the front panel.

She wrinkled her nose as incense assailed her the moment she crossed the threshold, not necessarily unpleasant, just pungent. An array of votive and pillar candles lit the red and white room enough for her to make her way to a throne style chair.

“You are in my seat.” His voice took on a more authoritative tone.

“I beg your pardon?” He couldn’t be serious.

From his stance to his face, Nick’s entire demeanor changed to a man in control. Exciting, which surprised her. “You will move to the side.”

She jumped off the uncomfortable chair and followed his bidding, convinced it was the booze that made her do it.

“Pour me a drink.” It seemed please and thank you had obliterated themselves from his vocabulary.

She bristled at his directive, amazed to find that she had already walked to the bottles of Saki neatly arranged on a silver tray in the far corner.

When she carried the drink back to his highness, she noticed he had shrugged into a red silk robe embroidered with gold thread over his clothes and had perched himself on the gilded chair like a king awaiting his handmaiden. Yet, somehow his change in attitude excited her.

She glanced around, not wanting to meet his eyes for fear he guessed her little secret, then she spotted the elaborate beaded headdresses, decorating two walls.

“Do not even think of it.” He never bothered to look at her, but somehow had sensed her appreciation and desire to wear one of the gem studded crowns.

She tossed her head with a haughty air. “I have no idea what you mean.”

He ignored her lie and pointed toward another tray. “I’ll have a small plate of sushi.”

Emily realized she’d had plenty to drink, way over her normal limit, but she wasn’t drunk enough yet to tolerate much more of Nick’s little attitude, no matter how sexy he was.

The silver tongs slipped from her fingers, clattering to the china plate.

“Careful, Emily, I would hate to see you get hurt.”

She glanced over her shoulder to see his concerned face watching her. From barn boss to tender in a heartbeat confused her.

“Okay, Nicky, what the hell is going on here?” She laid his fishplate onto a strange little end table at his right.

“You asked to see what was in this room.” He slid an eel roll into his mouth and chewed. She watched his Adam’s apple bob, her nipples hardening as he swallowed. “I decided to give you the full experience, first hand.”

“I hope there’s more to it than slavery.”

“Much more, my little novice, a pleasure and teaching too few in this world enjoy.” His lips curved into a sensual smile. “The greatest lesson in life that one can learn... is to forgive,” Nick said as he pressed the remote that opened the red silken drapes.

A dainty Asian woman swayed from the ceiling, like a small bird falling to its death, bound in a complex design of involved rope twists. Emily winced as the woman raised her head, knowing the thin rope, running from her neck to her vagina, had to have pulled like hell against her tender flesh.

“It looks painful.” She tilted her head to the side, curious to see the expression on the captive woman’s face.

“Not really. There might be a bit of chafing when it’s over, maybe some light stinging, but great care is taken to assure no injuries occur. It’s all very sophisticated. We use candles along with oils and incense to enhance the experience.” He gestured an arm around their room. “Very much like you see here which helps to set the voyeur’s mood.”

“So what’s this non-painful, lesson learning, stylish form of torment called?” She avoided his eyes, a bit afraid of what might come next.

“Kinbaku, which translates to beautiful bondage."


Review from WitchGiggles at Alternative-Read;

This is a bit different than the norm and quite frankly I adored it. I wasn't too sure of how it ended until I realized it left the perfect opportunity for another wow part (hint, hint). The woman was just the way I like to read them; strong, intelligent, yet at the same time vulnerable, while the male was assertive, smart, and able to be tender at the same time. It was a mix made in heaven (and the mind of a talented writer) which is easily one to read over and over.

You can read the complete review HERE.
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Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell
TEDDI TURNS ON 2009 EPPIE Finalist - Erotica

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Robert Appleton, British science fiction writer, is the owner of Mercurial Times, and has done an unrequested review of FRENCH KISS. Stepping out of his usual reading realm, below is a snippet of what Robert had to say.

Contemporary Erotic Romance
eBook 15,000 words
Eternal Press

Witty and crackling with sass, French Kiss, the fourth novelette in Sloane Taylor's Naughty Ladies of Nice series, is a standalone sexy short that promises and delivers a good time.

American sass meets provincial French in this lively romance, by turns sweet and sea-salty. I had a great time with this book. I don't normally read erotic romances, but Ms. Taylor's vibrant style isn't exclusive to the sex scenes, as it tends to be for some authors in this genre. Here she imbues the characters, scene setting and dialogue with quirky life all their own. Plus, the lovemaking is seriously hot.

My advice? Kick back and let the fizzy swells of French Kiss wash over you. This is one addictive series. Next up for me, FRENCH TWIST...

You can read the complete review here. Mercurial Times is a site that presents Robert's news and views. 2009 is his second year in the rollercoaster world of e-publishing. Be sure to visit his author HOMEPAGE. The man is a genius.

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell