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at my new soon to be released from Amber Quill Press - Amber Heat? Well, here it is!

Trace Edward Zaber is the cover artist and has outdone himself with this beauty.:)

Below are the unedited blurb and excerpt to tempt you. Enjoy!

Battered hockey player Colt Coltrane arrives in Sweden with one thing on his mind – victory. A bad spill later he’s at the tender mercies of the hottest masseuse he’s ever seen. All his good intentions go straight to hell when he strips for the Swedish iceberg.

Disa Ellstrom has had it with sports figures who always expect more from her than a massage. She can’t believe her friend Carl sent the American goalie to her. Unable to ignore the man’s pain, Disa takes him on and finds her heart melting faster than a spring thaw.

Combine a hot-blooded American and a Swedish spitfire and they’re sure to set Stockholm on fire.

Colt stood on the pavement, eyeing the flat front of the narrow rose colored building, and checked the gold lettering against the business card. It was the right location, but his gut told him this was a big mistake. Sex was great, but not when you ached with every movement or had to pay for it.

A brass bell tinkled when the glass door glided across the asphalt tiles. Easier to hose the joint down after a busy night. Colt smirked and walked further into the Pepto Bismol explosion in every shade of pink even his nutty sisters would gag over.

“Anyone here?” Silence answered. He stared at the two closed doors and remembered Frank Stockton’s story The Lady or the Tiger? and knew, in this place, the tiger was the safer bet.

He shoved open the first door on his left and swallowed hard when the aroma of sweet incense drifted out from the dimly lit room. Or maybe it was the pert little butt sticking up to greet him that caused his reaction. The short skirt skimmed her buff cheeks, minus panties, and his cock shot to life. All pain forgotten, he allowed his eyes to travel down her well toned legs to her impossible-to-walk-in stilettos. The miniature silver loops, accenting the high heels, swayed in time with her tight buns to the sounds of a rock band.

She glanced over her shoulder, a beautiful smile spread her glossy lips, and the ever-helpful Swedish doctor popped into his mind. It puzzled Colt why such a pretty young woman would hang with the old geezer, unless it was for the extra krona needed to survive in this expensive city. Like a puck in sudden death, it hit him. The rotten fuck’s a pimp!

“Du har ett möte?”

Her soft voice sang its way to him and all he could do was nod while he tugged on the front of his jeans.

She stood and walked closer, her ultrathin heels tapping on the speckled tiles. Even though he was well under six feet, it pleased him she had to tip her head back to meet his eyes.

“You must not be Swedish, so I will ask in English. Do you have an appointment?” Her arched eyebrows furrowed and she toyed with the large pearl in one earlobe. “Please, what is your name?”

“Colt Coltrane, I’m with the Colorado Bannocks, and—”

“Hockey player?”

He nodded, not sure if her squinted eyes were a good thing. Maybe the little doll needed glasses.

“No, no more of you. You are all too much work for too little money.” She waved her hands, shooing him away, her spiky blonde hair quivering with the sharp movements. “Go somewhere else with your pretend man needs. Disa cannot and will not be bothered with you.”

“Look, lady,—” Colt caught her slender wrists in one paw. His grin turned into a broad smile at the little hellcat bossing around a full-grown goalie. “—I’m only here because this guy said you’re the best for what ails me. I don’t need a lot of shit for my money. I just need someone to help me make it through the night.”

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Friday, June 25, 2010


I am ecstatic to share the awesome FRENCH TART review LeAnn from Talking Two Lips wrote and posted June 21. Thank you, LeAnn and TTL!

Naughty Ladies of Nice, Book 1
Sloane Taylor
ISBN: 978-1-60168-281-9
Aspen Mountain Press

Rating: 4 Hot Peppers

You can read the complete review HERE

Sloane Taylor, does a wonderful job of combining an interesting story with some very hot sex. Ms. Taylor gives her characters time to get to know one another and to build a relationship that work. The plot carries us smoothly from beginning to end, culminating with a very satisfying fairy tale finish. I suggest reading French Tart to find out what fairy tale it parallels! I am looking forward to reading more of this series to find out what other excitement is about to happen in France!

Reviewer: LeAnn


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Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Take a few short minutes and join me today at Lizzie T. Leaf 's blog. Be treated with a hot post. :) Make a comment and you have a chance to win!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Melissa Bradley and Selena Illyria, close author friends, notified me on a new review for FRENCH DELIGHTS. Please forgive my unabashed joy, but I had to share what The Romance Studio posted on their site June 14.Thank you, Ammie for your great review and rating! I am ecstatic!!

Naughty Ladies of Nice book 2
Sloane Taylor
ISBN: 978-1-60168-287-1
Aspen Mountain Press

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

FRENCH DELIGHTS is quite an adventure. I enjoyed my trip to the French Riviera. Sloane has written a wonderful tale of romance. The main characters are vivid and easy to like. Lisette is a real sweetheart, while Paul is a beautiful dreamer. The unsavory characters are also well written, and it is easy to loathe them. This short story has a lot packed into it, but it doesn't seem lacking. This is the second book in the Naughty Ladies of Nice collection, but I have not read the first. That doesn't take anything away from this story. It is a great stand alone. I do want to read the first one now. I know you will enjoy this erotic tale of French romance.

Reviewer: Ammie

You can read the complete review HERE


Studs and I are off to celebrate tonight. You all have a beautiful weekend. I'll be back next week. Until then...

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


When you enjoy a perfect evening at an excellent restaurant. Studs and I were fortunate enough to have just that this past Saturday at Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano in Bloomington, IL.

We kicked off the evening with a cocktail at the bar until our table was set which only took a matter of minutes.

As usual, I was cheat sheeting the menu and rapidly scrawling the ingredients for Chicken Piemontese, Tilapia with Lemon Caper Cream and Formaggi Di Cappa, a delicious herbed goat cheese, when our server caught me. After a few jokes about me and a prison cell, Adam got down to the business of the day's specials and offered wonderful suggestions for the ideal dinner. Not only does he have a marvelous sense of humor, the man knows his food.

Throughout the expertly served meal we got to learn a little about Adam's life. He was originally from Elgin, Illinois and has worked in kitchens since the tender age of thirteen. Adam came to Bloomington to visit friends. One night they dined at Biaggi's, during which he chatted with the manager and head chef. The next day Adam was hired and prepared to relocate. We asked about his future plans. Adam's dream is to own a restaurant. From the short time we were together, Studs and I are confident this young man will be a huge success.

He shared a rib recipe with us but, like all creative cooks, didn't commit to the ingredient amounts. I don't think it would be hard for any of us to figure it out. I hope.


Apple Cider
Brown Sugar
Chili Flakes
Spare Ribs

Pre-boil ribs until they almost fall off the bone.

Over medium heat bring the apple cider to a boil. Add brown sugar and chili flakes. Continue to cook until the sauce is candied.

Heat the oven to 350 F. Brush the sauce over the ribs and bake for 30 minutes.

Sure sounds good to me!

Biaggi's is a casual dress restaurant even though the tables are set with crisp linens. They offer superb fresh food and have a flair for creating an intimate atmosphere with subdued lighting and plenty of space between tables. It is a beautiful experience and one we will enjoy many times. It's a must, their menu's too tempting!

They have twenty restaurants around the country. To find the one closest to you click HERE. I guarantee you'll love the food at any of them. Unfortunately, you won't have Adam, and that's a real shame.

I'll be back tomorrow with a bit of unabashed self-promotion. :) Until then...

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This is the second year Studs’ has worked the Special Olympics with the Lansing Knights of Columbus. The games are held in Normal, IL with 4,000 Illinois athletes competing in a variety of areas. Our athletes are swimmers and some of the best in the Nation. They work hard throughout the year to compete and we are proud of these fine men and women who won a wagon load of gold medals.

The Special Olympics committee announced that Illinois Law Enforcement raised an unprecedented 2.7 million dollars during the torch run. These fine officers give more than just time to provide an important aspect to the lives of people with special needs. Every parent, grandparent and friend appreciates all the extra hours and hard work Illinois Law Enforcement donates to bring our kids a better world.

Head Coach Dennis Sullivan asked Studs to parade in with four of our athletes for the opening ceremonies. This is done just like the Olympics only the athletes are representing areas instead of countries. It was an emotional time for us. Studs’ autistic brother Ed was one of the original competitors in Special Olympics. He passed away in April at 52. Studs was proud to walk in Ed’s memory.

Curtis, our top swimmer who is an Ambassador to the National Special Olympics in Nebraska this July, was given the high honor of lighting the torch by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. Trust me – there wasn’t a dry eye in the stadium Friday night.

I want to congratulate all the fine athletes for their sportsmanship and achievements. You kids ROCK!!!

I'll be back tomorrow with a dining experience you'll enjoy and to rave about Adam, the best server we've ever had the joy to meet. Until then...

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