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Sloane TaylorSweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell
TEDDI TURNS ON 2009 EPPIE Finalist - Erotica
CZECH MATE Coming Soon from Amber Quill Press

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Love Romances and More Reviews gave FRANCINE ON FIRE 4 HEARTS! Below is a snippet followed by the link for the complete review.

Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-060-0

Contemporary Romance Erotic

E Book

Reviewed by Dawn

I love the way this author teases the reader with flashes of wit, lust and comedy as I read FRANCINE ON FIRE. It is a story that had me chuckling one minute and the next wondering if I should call honey home for some serious tension release. This was definitely one of those stories that I am dying to read again, preferably in bed with my significant other.

The heat simmers between them but misunderstandings and tempers flair when things get mixed up between Francine and Heicke. Ms. Taylor delves into Germany again and reintroduces two delightful characters from Lonnie Heats Up and Teddi Turns On. With the right amount of wit, charm and comedy, she introduces you to the real Francine and Heicke, warts and all. This is an author that you know loves her spunky American women and those hot European men they fall for. I definitely couldn’t put it down as I laughed, smiled and lusted over Francine and Heicke’s adventures and I was rooting for these two to get over their troubles to find what they had was so very rare and lovely.

FRANCINE ON FIRE is a delightful story that will leave you gasping for more as the last page is read. I know I am anxiously awaiting word on another installment of those Magnificent Men of Munich and maybe I can find one of my own…even if he is in Ms. Taylor’s wonderful books. If you enjoy a fast paced story with tight writing that weaves a spell around you and filled with characters that seem to steal your heart, then grab Ms. Taylor’s Magnificent Men of Munich Series and FRANCINE ON FIRE. I know I am going to read this one again and hope you do too!

You can read the complete review here

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The Naughty Ladies of Nice
Book Five


Eternal Press


Lingerie designer Samantha Bradley is on the brink of major success. While having the time of her life in Nice she meets sexy Cisco Bernier, a man who turns her heart inside out and makes her body sizzle.

Despite being France’s key criminal prosecutor, Cisco’s success in relationships has been less than zero. When he meets Sam, his staid world goes up in flames.

Their happiness is short lived as their pasts collide. His underhanded mother and her mob-connected father resurface to threaten their future.


“Do you not think her nipples are larger?” Cisco pointed to the charcoal nude on the young woman’s sketch pad. He looked across the coastline toward the subject in question as the middle-aged woman stooped and spread a towel across the pebbles.

“Perhaps, but it’s really hard to tell at this angle.” The artist swiped a thumb along a black line, softening the bold stroke, and laughed. “Besides, she won’t sit still long enough to get it right.”

She tossed her long black hair across her bare shoulders, and a light scent of honey drifted up to him, clouding his mind.

Cisco yanked his tie from around his neck, grateful for the light breeze off the Mediterranean that cooled his hot skin.

“Maybe if you…” He slipped the thin stick from her long fingers, then squiggled a larger, more intricate circle on the wheat colored paper. “Something like that.”

“Are you an artist?” She glanced up. Her large green eyes reminded him of polished emerald, sharp and clear, and just as exciting. At that moment he would be anything the beautiful American wanted him to be.

4 1/2 HEARTS from The Romance Studio.
Reviewer: Brenda Talley
Posted March 9, 2009

Ms. Sloane Taylor used her fabulous way with words to explain these two alpha characters. Sam was from the US; Cisco was from Nice. The unknown factors in each live could have gotten them killed. The happily every after was a long way from easy to obtain.

The two main characters were so focused on each other they failed to notice the problems which arose in the other’s life. This story had all the important elements even though it was a fast-paced novella. The sensuality was sizzling! The suspense was intense. The outcome was surprising. This book had drama and was hard to put down. I was glued to the pages because I wanted to know the outcome. It was definitely not an obvious storyline.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes their sex scorching and their conflict resolved. This was a great book to read when the time is short but you need a quick romance fix.

You can read the entire review HERE


Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell

Monday, April 20, 2009


April 21 from 11:00am - 1:00pm EST



It's sure to be lively with contests, excerpts, and receipes to make your life easier. And of course, my famous freebie packets!

Hope to see you there!

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The Naughty Ladies of Nice
Book Four


Eternal Press

Straight-laced children's author, Rachel Conklin, awakens on a deserted island wrapped in the arms of a sexy pirate. Convinced she's in a dream conjured from the pages of her breakout novel, Rachel casts her inhibitions to the wind and seduces the handsome sailor. Rides the waves of passion

Pediatrician Henri Bernier wasn't quite sure what to do with the sexy mermaid he'd pulled from the sea. Then she started kissing him and sent his libido soaring. Now the good doctor is ready for anything.

Warm tingles started in her belly, pooling low in her abdomen, a sensation she’d long missed. His lips were strong, supple, working her own apart. She glided her tongue along the seam of his mouth, loving the salty taste and the rasp of his beard on her bruised face. Moisture filled her panties, making her alive and wanting more. She laced an arm around the broad shoulders leaning over her, curling her fingers in his long, silky hair.

Her nipples puckered more with each stroke as he glided his hand along her spine, continuing lower over the curve of her ass to her thigh. Wet sand greeted her when he smoothly rolled them over. Her legs parted, welcoming her secret pirate. Nope, make that swashbuckler. More romantic.

Shivers raced through her and he held her closer. His body heat, a beautiful thing, shrouded them. Her breasts grew heavier, straining against her shirt, with his solid erection pressing into her. She wiggled closer, needing to feel him inside her.

Indistinguishable sounds filled her ears, forgotten lyrics from an old, sweet love song. She wanted to remember, but not enough to give up her fantasy man and the erotic glow of mystery sex.


Rachel wiped the steam from the cheval mirror and caught Henri’s image. He stood in the bathroom doorway, frozen, staring at her reflection. She smiled at his shocked expression, enjoying the fact she had him at a disadvantage. The bath towel dropped from her fingers, exposing her breasts. With her good hand she pulled the wet hair off her back then draped it over a shoulder, exposing her neck.

He walked forward like a man in a trance, stopping close enough behind her to hear his raspy breaths. His finger glided down her spine, lingering on the elastic band of her red bikini panties.

“You are beautiful.” His words came out hoarse as he seemed to struggle for oxygen.

Merci, Henri.” Her smile widened, her nipples pebbling at his gentle touch. She reached back for his free hand, hanging limp at his side, then laid it across her bare ribcage. His smooth skin felt warm against her damp flesh.

“Your wrist should be in the sling.” He laid a soft kiss on her shoulder, wrapping a hand around her forearm.

Your cock should be inside me. A shiver ran up her spine at the delicious thought.

His fingers played across her abdomen, sending tingles of anticipation, as they climbed higher. He cupped her breast, massaging her aching skin until she thought she would come. The entire time he watched her reflection in the mirror as his thumb made slow, teasing circles around her areola.

A heavy pressure built in her abdomen, increasing with each stroke until her legs trembled. She gritted her teeth as a long shudder ran through her.

She pressed her ass into his solid erection for support and her panties filled with cream.

God, how she needed some part of him inside her.

Desire took control. With shaking fingers, she guided his other hand down from her waist, lower until she stopped at the elastic band on her wet panties.

A soft laugh sang in her ear as he slid along the fabric, across her mound and stopped. Breath caught in her throat, waiting for him to enter.

He moved his hand to her thigh, edging painfully slow to her aching nub. She wrapped her fingers around his forearm, encouraging him to travel below the saturated cloth. As if understood the unspoken request, his fingers glided between her wet hairs.

First, one thick finger entered her throbbing cavity, the sensation rocking her world. He laughed again and inserted another finger, massaging against her sweet spot.

She arched her back, her head resting on his shoulder, preparing for the joy of release.

“Come for me, mas petit.” His heavily accented words pushed her closer while his fingers worked magic in her womb.

Her trembling body tensed. She clutched his arm, squeezing her thighs tight around his hand, moving her hips against him. Shivers coursed through her. The surmounting pressure almost unbearable, until her world exploded into shards of crystal.

He spun her limp frame in his arms, his fingertips skimming across her tender nipples. She melted against him, his crisp hairs pressed into her breasts.


Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


The Naughty Ladies of Nice
Book Three


Eternal Press


Interpol agent Claudette D’Laquois is on the run. Dull Uncle Paul and his rundown chateau in Nice, France are her only safe haven…but she never planned on the delectable estate manager who is even more dangerous than the Russian mob boss who wants her dead.

Three weeks of overseeing operations at his friend’s orchard seems like the ideal vacation to CPA Don Hobbs. And so it was—until a French sex goddess pulls him into a world of drugs, intrigue, and erotic fantasy.


“Baby, you’re up to your beautiful brown eyes in shit.” Don leaned against the office door frame, his arms crossed over his chest as if that could control his temper.

Claudette gave him one of her typical French sniffs. Chicks from Marseille had one hell of a disposition, he decided for about the twentieth time since he’d been forced to work with her.

Bonjour, Monsieur Hobbs. It is nice to see you, too, this beautiful morning.” Again with the sniff. He’d enjoy nothing more than spanking the firm ass of his unwanted assistant, but figured she’d rat him out to her Uncle Paul.

“Glad you’re able to relax with a ton of that reeking stuff parked in the front yard.” Don blinked and shoved his glasses up his nose, forcing his eyes away from her long legs stretched across the scarred desktop. Just once, he wished, she’d have a little decorum and wear slacks to work. “Do you have plans to do something with it?”

Mon ami, you make too much of small things.” Claudette crossed one knee over the other and didn’t bother to tug down her short red skirt. Don swallowed hard. She sniffed again and held her hand at arm’s length, inspecting her nails. That irritating, hoity-toity attitude of hers had to go. “Plus, you exaggerate. I simply checked one of the little boxes on the form and mailed it to the supplier. He obviously made the mistake, if what you say is truth.”

He slapped the side of the desk to get her undivided attention. Right then he’d do anything to erase the image of those well toned calves wrapped around his neck. Dammit, why were French women so sexy?

“No, doll, there’s literally a ton of cow dung right out there on the circular drive.” He hooked a thumb over his shoulder, his other hand nudging her legs aside to grab a sheaf of papers. “I don’t know what the hell you ordered, but that’s what you got. So what’s your plan, baby? I happen to have a shovel in your size.”

Her chair skated back, just short of hitting the bookcase. Gritting her teeth, she tossed the little glass nail file she’d been using onto a stack of papers and stood.

“Do not treat me like a stupid woman—.” Cheeks flaming, she got right into his face. “Or your wife.”

“One, you’re not stupid. You only like to pretend you are.” He ticked the points off the fingers on his free hand. “Two, thank God I don’t have a wife. With my bad luck, she might have been just like you.”

She glared at him for one intense second before she jerked the order form from his hand.

“You, monsieur, need to be taught manners.”

“You, mademoiselle, need a good spanking.”

A coy smile tweaked the corners of her pouty, full lips. “That may be so, you uptight Américain, but this is not the time to discuss my sexual preferences.”


No one does short, sexy books better than Sloane Taylor! She combines sensual romance with mystery and intrigue and comes up smelling of roses. Sweet and sassy. Five red roses, Morna


Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell

Monday, April 06, 2009

MARFAN, Help is a Phone Call Away

If you suspect a friend or relative has Marfan, please contact a clinic for an assessment. It is possible to google for a facility in your community. Should you live in the Chicagoland Area, below is a list of excellent locations who will help you.

Children’s Memorial Hospital
2300 Children’s Plaza
Chicago, IL 60614-3394
Clinic Coordinator: Bethany Friedman
773-975-8507 Clinic hours: 2nd Friday of the month
Edward Hospital
801 S. Washington St.
Naperville, IL 60540
Clinic coordinator: Celia Thomas, R.N.
630-527-7180 Clinic hours: 4th Monday of the month
Loyola University Medical Center
2160 S. First Ave.
Maywood, IL 60153
Clinic coordinator: Sara Cherny
Call for appointment 708-327-9056
Northwestern University - Feinberg School of Medicine
201 E. Huron St.
Chicago, IL 60611-2968
Clinic coordinator: Amy Ochs, R.N.
Call for appointment 312-695-4965
University of Chicago Medical Center
5841 S. Maryland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637
Clinic Coordinator: Lisa Dellefave, MS, CGC
773-702-4310 Clinic hours: 2nd Thursday of the month

Please don't delay. Have your suspicions checked before it's too late. You would be saving a life.

I'll be back tomorrow,

Sloane Taylor

Friday, April 03, 2009


Today we have a guest blogger, Bruce Klein, President Northern Illinois Marfan Chapter. I hope you all read what Bruce has to say. It is life saving.

This is the year of Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday, which brings on my question;

What do Marfan Patients and Abraham Lincoln Have in Common?

Abe Lincoln was thought to have Marfan syndrome. What is this dreaded disease?
Marfan syndrome is a connective tissue disorder discovered by Dr. Antoine Marfan in 1896 in France when he treated several children with this disorder.

This sometimes inherited condition effects approximately 1 in every 5000 people in the U.S. While only sometimes inherited, it’s been proven that 75% of the cases diagnosed are inherited and the other 25% of the cases are a new spontaneous mutation at birth.

Researchers today have learned that this condition is caused by a mutation of certain chromosomes that effect a protein called fibrillin. Fibrillin is the glue that holds our bodies or connective tissue together and is found throughout us from head to toe. Like in most syndromes and diseases there are varying degrees of Marfan syndrome from mild cases to severe and life threatening. Diagnosis of Marfan syndrome is often missed by doctors who do not have experience in treating patients with this disorder. We have 5 established clinics in the Chicagoland area which will be posted in this blog Monday, April 6.

Some symptoms of Marfan syndrome are:

Taller than Average Long Thin Face
Hyper-mobility of All Joints
A Disproportionment of Body, Arm & Leg Length
Long Fingers and Toes
Flat Feet
Eye, Lens Dislocation
Curvature of the Spine
Stretch Marks
Chest Deformity (Pectus Excavatum or Carinatum)
Spontaneous Pneumothorax
Heart Murmur & Aortic Artery Dilation (Aneurysms) which can be fatal

If you know someone with 3 or more of these symptoms please tell them about Marfan syndrome and help us save a life.

For more information go to the website for the National Marfan Foundation, You can also email or call us at our chapter voice mail number listed above in our letterhead.

How do I know so much about Marfan syndrome? I have it and I am.

Bruce C. Klein, President
Northern Illinois Marfan Chapter
The Northern Illinois NMF Chapter
1328 Court “O”
Hanover Park, IL 60133
630-415-0044 or 1-800-8-MARFAN

Thank you all for your time. Please return on Monday when Bruce will have more on this life threatening disorder.

Sloane Taylor