Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meet Rick R. Reed, King of M/M

Today we have the pleasure of multi-published author RICK R. REED here to share his new release THE BLUE MOON CAFE, an amazing novel you'll want to read over and over.

A few words from Rick;

Sometimes a book comes along where I completely fall in love with the characters. The Blue Moon Café is just such a book. Not only is it set in my relatively new home town of Seattle (which is a great place for not only a creepy story, but one where new love can blossom and flourish), but Todd, Jared, and Sam became so real to me, I hated to say goodbye to them.

I hope you’ll take the time to check out The Blue Moon Café. It’s the book where I finally succeeded in fusing romance and horror into one page-turning read. I hope you agree!

Rick Reed
Amber Allure
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-656-7 (Electronic)
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-802-8 (Paperback)


Someone—or something—is killing Seattle’s gay men.

A creature moves through the darkest night, lit only by the full moon, taking them, one by one, from the rain city’s gay gathering areas.

Someone—or something—is falling in love with Thad Matthews.

Against a backdrop of horror and fear, young Thad finds his first true love in the most unlikely of places—a new Italian restaurant called The Blue Moon Cafe. Sam is everything Thad has ever dreamed of in a man: compassionate, giving, handsome, and with brown eyes Thad feels he could sink into. And Sam can cook! But as the pair’s love begins to grow, so do the questions and uncertainties, the main one being, why do Sam’s unexplained disappearances always coincide with the full moon?

Prepare yourself for a unique blend of dark suspense and erotic romance with The Blue Moon Cafe, written by the author Unzipped magazine called, “the Stephen King of gay horror.” You’re guaranteed an unforgettable reading experience, one that skillfully blends the hottest romance with the most chilling terror...


Sam leaned back against the headboard and lit a cigarette. The room filled with the acrid stench of burning tobacco and paper and instead of being repelled as he normally would be, Thad moved close to Sam again, taking up his newly claimed spot on the man’s chest. He stared up at him, watching him smoke. Lazily, he traced circles in the hairy mat covering Sam’s chest. His fingers stopped when he caught sight of a design on Sam’s left pectoral, something he had hadn’t noticed in the dim light or perhaps because it was all but hidden by the forest of hair. Thad got up on one elbow.

“You have a tattoo?”

In the dark, Sam nodded. “I’ve had it for years, way before tattoos were all the rage like they are these days.”

“Especially here in Seattle.” Thad often wondered if there was some requirement that all citizens of Seattle must have at least one tattoo. “What’s it of?” Thad strained to make out the design’s contours in the dim light and couldn’t.

Sam leaned forward to switch on the bedside lamp. Thad squinted at the sudden light source, then directed his gaze down at the muscled chest before him. “What is it?” Thad traced the design with his fingers, lowering his head to peer more closely at it. He nipped at Sam’s nipple and Sam laughed.

“It’s Lupa, the she-wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus, the twins who founded Rome in mythology. Cool, no?” Sam flexed his chest so the wolf seemed to move. Two cherubic twin boys below the figure suckled at her teats.

“It’s kind of weird. But it suits you.” Thad reached over Sam to turn off the light again.

“What brought you to America?”

Did Thad detect a slight stiffening when he asked the question?…


You can catch up with Rick and his awesome books at any of these links:






He loves to hear from readers. Please feel free to send Rick an E-mail.

I'll be offline for two weeks. Until then...

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Friday, March 19, 2010


Join Aspen Mountain Press today at Fallen Angels Reviews Chatters. Your favorite authors will be there with tips, recipes, and exciting excerpts.

Date: Friday March 19, 2010
Time: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST
Location: Fallen Angel Review Chatters

Hope to see you there!

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be back next week. Until then...

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Monday, March 15, 2010


Spellbinding author Robert Appleton is here today with his new novel THE MYTHMAKERS. The powerful cover was designed by talented artist Kanaxa. I do believe she outdid herself.

Here's what Rob has to say about himself:
I'm a native of Bolton, England, I write science fiction and paranormal mysteries. 2009 is my second year in the rollercoaster world of e-publishing (hint: don't look down, except when upside down).

In my previous lives, I served (smuggled) popcorn in a cinema, mis-filed much as a public servant, and walked away with a Film Studies degree. I've visited America, Greece, Spain, Scotland and other alien planets.

To date, my publishers include Samhain Publishing, Eternal Press, Lyrical Press, Club Lighthouse Publishing, Uncial Press, and Damnation Books. My ambition is to have an ambition. So far, it's all with the tide, baby.

You can learn more about Rob on his website or on his BLOG

Warning: This book contains moderate sexual activity, strong language, and high-cholesterol breakfasts. Also features hot nudists, naive men and other equally rare fantasy creatures.

Robert Appleton
Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60504-906-9


For Captain Steffi Savannah and her crew of deep space smugglers, life has become little more than a dogged exercise in mere survival. Their latest disastrous heist ended with another dead crew member—and no place left to hide. She’s even finding it hard to dredge up any excitement over the giant, crippled ship that appears on their radar, even though it’s the salvage opportunity of a lifetime.

They find that it’s no ordinary alien vessel. It’s a ship of dreams, populated with the last remnants of Earth’s mythical creatures. Including the blond, built, mysterious Arne, one of a race blessed with extraordinary beauty—and few inhibitions. Though he won’t tell her exactly what he is, in his arms Steffi rediscovers something she thought she’d never feel again. Wonder, love…and hope.

It isn’t long, though, before the Royal guard tracks them down, and Steffi and her crew are faced with a terrible decision. Cut and run. Or risk everything to tow the ship and her precious cargo to safety.

There had to be easier ways to make a living.

Steffi Savannah loosened her jaw with a gummy roll of her mouth, then shook her head to stay awake. The stars wheeled at a dizzying clip. She ducked lower into her magnetic boots, but her quads ached from crouching. The dark purple flame of her cutting torch ballooned and dripped behind the tinted welding shield in her hand. It was taking too damn long. She’d guessed at five minutes to cut the metal debris loose—fifteen minutes ago. Bright molten shards spiralled away into space as the Albatross rifled through nothingness on her way to nowhere. “Come on, you bitch,” she urged.

The two chasing ships were gaining. Once mere pinpricks of light against the dull grey cloud whirls of planet October, they now had necks and glassy beaks and shiny metal wings that reflected the suns’ amber. And an arsenal of major firepower ready to annihilate the Albatross.

“How’s it coming, Cap?” Bo Lineker’s snappy boyish voice redoubled her grit.

“Nearly there,” she replied. “Don’t wait for me. Get inside if you’re done.”

“You don’t want a hand?”

“No. I’m almost through.”

“I could—”

“Get below. Tell McKendrick to light the candle as soon as I close the hatch behind me.”


The weight of resignation in his parting syllable tumbled and echoed deep inside her. She’d always hated being alone outside. Having a man to keep her company, one who’d do anything for her even though she didn’t love him in the least, was a safety cord no rig could best. She looked round but he’d gone. The unique brass hull had been sleek once. Now it was dented and greening and it barely reflected starlight anymore. Laser scarring and rivulet depressions where the seams had started to buckle groaned with old age.

Steffi shot a breath from her nostrils and gripped the cutter’s blunt handle. It rocked and rolled as the mangled wreckage lifted toward her. Dammit. She had to let go of the torch to duck. McKendrick had punched the throttle early, as soon as the ship’s rolling had stopped. Tons of twisted metal almost took Steffi’s head off as the Albatross gathered speed. Ducking backward, she lay flat on the hull. Only her knees pointed up, as her magnetic boots were still clamped. The wreckage lifted like a silver crown of thorns away, ahead of her into space. She hoped like hell the bastards would fly into it.

A large blue glove gripped her arm.

“Bo! I thought I told—”

“Sorry. Was worried about you, Cap.”

She climbed up his arm and shoulder and shook her head. “Of all the dumb goddamn…I told you to tell McKendrick to wait ’til I was inside.” She gave him her hardest shove. It made him blink. “I came this close to being ripped in half,” she added, demonstrating the distance between her forefinger and thumb. “Now get your dumb hulk ass below and help Flyte with the Psammeticum coils.”

“Soon as you’re inside, Cap.”

She wanted to hug him for being a loyal puppy, but he needed to learn what an order meant. Bo adored her. He’d often said so in bed. And a part of her was very fond of him—the sex and the sweet talk had brightened up many a dull evening—but no more than that. She knew it was pity more than love that kept her close to him. Pity for his dumb, harmless nature; for him being an orphan with no hope of anything but a mining or muscle job; and for him not minding being used for sex whenever she wanted it.

But this time, his mindless devotion had gone too far.


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Friday, March 12, 2010


You're on the fence, but nervous on how to begin? Or you already write light erotica, but not sure how to take it to the next level? No need for concern. Jump right in and have fun. To make it easier, here's the perfect class for you:


INSTRUCTOR: Jan Springer
DATES: April 2nd to 4th2010
COST: $8 – Members, $12- Non Members

Enroll HERE

Discussions will include: An introduction to the erotic romance genre market; writing steamy sex scenes using a variety of techniques which include bondage, adult toys, different sexual positions & places, m/m/f, m/m, f/f, threesomes etc; using your five senses; hooking your reader and sexual terminology. Writers will be introduced to explicit excerpts from Jan’s erotic-romance books. Some writing exercises will be included. Writer can try exercises on their own or share with the class.

WARNING: This workshop is open to people 18 years and older only. Please be aware of Coarse Language and Explicit Scenes. If you offend easily, this workshop may not be for you.

Note from the Instructor: “As an erotic romance writer you must write a solid plot along with a sizzling romance as well as intense and in depth sex /love scenes. You must bring your reader right into bed with your characters. Readers of erotic romances want to be sexually aroused while reading a great romance. You will be encouraged to use sexual terminology. Here’s the rule of thumb - If you aren’t aroused when you write your love scenes then the reader won’t be either."

Jan Springer has written more than twenty erotic romances for publishers such as Ellora’s Cave, Pocket Books, Total E Bound and more. She is a member of RWA and Passionate Ink. Jan writes full time in Minden Hills, Ontario Canada. Hobbies are kayaking, hiking, gardening, reading and writing. Learn more on her website.

To join this sweet class click HERE.

My thanks to Jan Springer for all the time she took away from her writing and teaching schedules to be here this week. It's been great.

I'll be back Monday with a preview of a new release from Samhain. Yummy. Until then...

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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Vampires were never my thing until Jan Springer told me about her soon to be released novel SWEET HEAT. After reading the excerpt and fantasizing over the cover, I'm hooked! I think you will be too.

Coming March 24, 2010

Book One in the Vampira series
Jan Springer
Ellora's Cave

Running from an arranged marriage, Julia Sandalwood hides within Vampira, a secret clique of female vampires who live among humans and have sworn off sex with males.

Julia thought she was safe, that is, until scorching dreams leave her craving every hot pulsing inch of the twin vamps newly hired at the factory she owns. Every night they set her fangs on fire, sandwiching her between their strong naked bodies, whisking her into a world of forbidden ecstasy.

Caleb and Zander Davenport have always shared a magnificent brotherly bond, which includes the need to share their females. Lately, they’ve been hungering for Julia, and plan on seducing her out of her dreams and into their arms.

Leaning over, she slid the box in front of her and lifted the lid.

And froze.

Inside the box lay a life-sized chocolate cock, complete with an intricate weave of veins and plum shaped cockhead. It had to be at least ten inches long with a three inch girth. She certainly couldn’t miss the two puncture wounds halfway up the shaft.

Vampire bites.

She drew in a deep steadying breath. Spicy musk scent poured off him and mingled with the dark chocolate, wrapping around her like a seductive glove. Her fangs throbbed with intense excitement. Her body tensed harder in raw awareness.

“What do you think, Julie?” he asked with a low growl lacing his otherwise soft voice.

“It’s getting late,” she found herself whispering, finding it quite difficult to keep her eyes off the giant cock.

She could barely breathe. Could barely keep herself under control.

“Perhaps you should try it? See what you think?”

Try it? Why did she think he meant more than just licking it and sucking it and taking it down her throat?

“I’m late for an appointment.”

“A date?” Was that anger lacing his voice? Annoyance blazing in his eyes? Did he think he had a claim on her? Now that thought certainly made her pussy cream warmer.

A sheen of perspiration blossomed across her forehead. She needed to get away from him. Needed to collect her thoughts. Her composure.

Surely he could smell her arousal because she could.

He stared at her, knowing amusement flashing over his face.

Yep, she definitely needed to get away from him and stay away from these hot males.

With trembling hands she replaced the lid on the box, concealing the delectable contents.

He stood.

“Okay, I’ll let you go.” He paused and then said, “This time.”

This time?

He headed for the door, all six feet three inches of jam-packed muscled vampire male.

Oh she wanted him. Wanted him so bad, she almost called out.

At the door he stopped and turned around.

She stopped breathing as he spoke.

“Let us know if that size works for you.”

Sweet vampires!

Julie frowned as he closed the door behind him. Lifting the lid off the box, she gazed at the chocolate cock realizing what he meant by that remark.

I'll be back tomorrow with more on Jan Springer. Until then...

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Jan Springer is here today with a short preview of her new book, NICE GIRL NAUGHTY, that will release later this year. In true Springer style, Jan has created another masterpiece.

Jan Springer
Ellora's Cave


Someone is murdering red-haired female artists and Summer Colby is smack in the killer’s crosshairs. Blind since nineteen, Summer is a famous erotic wood carver. When she barely escapes an attempt on her life, family friend and professional bodyguard Nick Cassidy vows to keep her safe.

Hiding together in a secluded wilderness cabin, she’s captivated by Nick’s thick, powerful muscles, firm abs and those hard, yummy male body parts. It doesn’t take long before he’s making love to her up against the bedroom wall and she’s going down on him on her wood carving table.

Nick Cassidy has been working overseas. He hasn’t seen Summer for ten years, since shortly after the accident that left her blind and she told him she didn’t love him. Their sexual attraction is stronger than ever and he discovers she’s still the same passionate woman sizzling with untapped sexual energy he left behind. Sweeping his gorgeous redhead into the erotic filled sex fest they’ve waited for years to experience, Nick realizes their hideout isn’t safe – until it’s too late.


“Hello? Is anyone there?” Summer called out as she heard the nearby alcove door of her California Carmel-by-the-Sea art gallery creak open. She turned to face the soft sound of the footsteps padding into the room where she’d been setting up her newest exhibit of erotic woodcarving.

“Hello? We don’t open until Monday morning,” she called to the intruder. Her assistant, Mary, had left only a few minutes ago to grab them a late night snack so they could finish up tonight and take tomorrow off to do some shopping for more supplies for her next batch of art.

Whoever had entered, it wasn’t Mary because the elderly lady walked briskly, like she meant business. Whoever was there, didn’t respond, but she could hear someone breathing somewhere to her left. Could actually feel her skin crawl as someone watched her. Uneasiness lashed her and she suddenly wished for her assistant to be back here.
Gosh, she hadn’t realized how dependant she was on Mary. Ever since the elderly woman had come into Summer’s life several months earlier, she’d been her eyes, describing the quaint European story book cottages lining the town streets they shopped at or explaining how the blue-green ocean interacted with the rocky coastline when Mary drove Summer to and from her art gallery.
“Hello?” she called out again, getting really nervous at the person’s rudeness for not answering her.

Ever since the accident ten years ago that claimed her vision she’d learned not to jump at every little sound. Freaking out would only riddle her with unwanted anxiety. She focused on using her other senses. Her ears could pick up sounds a normal seeing person couldn’t hear and her nostrils were definitely picking up the sharp scent of aftershave.
Okay. So it was a man and he possessed a dark dangerous scent she’d never smelled before. Despite not wanting to be, she suddenly felt frightened.

“Are you lost? My assistant can help you.” Despite her fear she managed to keep her voice surprisingly calm.
Reaching for the pager she kept strapped in a waist holster, she found herself fumbling with the tight clasp. As it snapped open and her hand touched the plastic pager the man’s harsh voice stopped her cold.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Ms. Colby.”

She froze. Whether it was, because of the heavy way he was breathing or because of his thick, sharp, commanding voice, instincts told her this guy meant her harm.
Fear zipped up a few notches and for a brief instant she couldn’t think of what to do, let alone which way to move.

“I’ve wanted you for too long, Summer,” the man whispered hoarsely. His breathing was getting heavier, quicker. She sensed him drawing closer. Moving very slowly. Like the cat getting ready to pounce on the blind mole.

Oh frig. He definitely meant to hurt her.

Now this is a book I definitely want to read! We'll be sure to keep you posted on the release date for NICE GIRL NAUGHTY.

I'll be back tomorrow with more on Jan Springer. Until then...

Happy Writing!

Sloane Taylor
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Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Jan Springer is back today with two more of her delicious books to tempt us, JADE and TYLER'S WOMAN. Below are the yummy covers and stimulating excerpts.

Here's a little more info for you on Jan. She has written more than twenty erotic romances for publishers such as Ellora’s Cave, Pocket Books, Total E Bound and more. She is a member of RWA and Passionate Ink. Jan writes full time in Minden Hills, Ontario Canada. Hobbies are kayaking, hiking, gardening, reading and writing.

Now grab your favorite beverage and enjoy!

Jan Springer
ISBN 9781419924750
Ellora's Cave


In the land of the rich and famous, people fulfill their deepest sexual desires by calling Kidnap Fantasies Inc., a top-secret kidnapping and fantasy organization.

When Jade Hart’s two sisters give her a Kidnap Fantasies Inc. questionnaire, Jade is aroused at the prospect of having sex with a stranger whose only job is to fulfill her every sexual fantasy. Although she knows she’s too shy to mail it in, she secretly pours her deepest wishes into the questionnaire. Soon it mysteriously vanishes and Jade’s fantasy man appears in the form of a well-hung handyman who gives her an erotic sex-toy-filled Christmas holiday she’ll never forget.

“Your clit is beautiful and puffy. Your cunt, soaking wet. Just the way I like it. Just the way I need you. You did good, keeping yourself aroused, Jade. You’re almost ready for me. But first, I have to prepare you. I’ll be back in a minute.”
Before she could ask him where he was going, he’d vanished.
A couple of minutes later, he returned holding the bowl of raw vegetables in his hand.

“I saw the way you looked at them during dinner. It gave me some delicious ideas.”

“What kind of ideas?” she could barely speak from all the excitement washing over her senses.

He grinned wickedly. “You’ll see.”

Instincts told her this man was going to do something to her with those vegetables.

Something wicked.

God help her she wanted him to do all sorts of things to her body.
Her senses exploded when he pulled a long thick carrot from the bowl.

Long male fingers stroked the orange object in the same tender way he’d done to it earlier after dinner. The carrot was about half the width of Caydon’s cock and about half as long.

“Vegetables are called the poor man’s sex toys, Jade. We’ll have to use these until I can get us some proper ones.”

Poor man’s sex toys? Until he can get proper toys? Exactly how long did he plan on staying? How long did he plan on having her tied up here?

The questions sat at the tip of her tongue but she didn’t dare ask. To tell the truth she didn’t want to know when he planned on leaving her. For now, she just wanted to pretend this man was hers, forever.

“Time to see how much you can take, Jade.”

“I can take whatever you dish out, Minnelli,” she threw back.

He inhaled sharply at her trembling words. His eyes darkened in the same way they’d done when he’d instructed her to pinch and pull at her nipples until the pleasure-pain had become so unbearable she’d cried out.

“We’ll see how much you can take, Jade. Spread your legs wider for me, honey. I’m going to give you something you won’t soon forget.”

Moisture dripped from her pussy at the husky promise in his voice. The scorching look in his eyes turned her body into a slab of heat and her cunt into a quivering mess. Even her breasts reacted to his intense gaze by tightening, swelling, becoming hard and eager to be caressed.

He leaned over her, the warm head of his rigid cock poked deliciously into her belly button as he grabbed a nearby pillow. Fluffing it up he stuffed it beneath her hips, which allowed him to raise her up higher exposing her fully to him.

“There, that’s much more comfortable. This will give me the perfect angle to enter you.”
Outlaw Lovers
Jan Springer
ISBN 9781419916557
Ellora's Cave


In the near future, a virus has been unleashed, killing a majority of the world's female population, forcing the introduction of the Claiming Law. A law that states men have all the rights and women are sexual property claimable by groups of men.

Laurie Callahan has always experienced red-hot pleasure and passionate love in Tyler Outlaw's arms. But when he's pronounced MIA, presumed dead in the Terrorist Wars, her world is shattered and her heart broken.

For years Tyler Outlaw and his best friend Hunter Brown endured brutal torture and worse in a terrorist prison. Finally free of their hell, they return home intent on seducing Laurie into their erotic-filled fantasies.

Shocked to discover Tyler is alive and he's taken a male lover, Laurie is thrust into a sensual world of sizzling seductions, scorching ménages and the carnal desires that both scarred men crave. But she fears Tyler won't want her when he discovers she's not the same woman he left behind.

Reader Advisory: Contains references to non-consensual sex.

“Are you glad Tyler’s back?” he suddenly asked.

His question slammed into her like a bolt.

“You’d better close your eyes and sleep, Hunter. You still have a fever.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“Of course I’m glad he’s back. Haven’t I let him—” She stopped herself cold. She’d been about to say hadn’t she allowed him to outfit her with a butt plug? With Hunter watching? Hadn’t she let him finger-fuck her in the meadow? And just now he’d been between her legs going down on her.

Her cheeks flamed hotter. From behind her Tyler chuckled softly.

Hunter smiled and said, “I’m getting the feeling Tyler has already started reacquainting himself with you. Showing you how glad he is to be back. Let me show you how glad I am to be back, Laura.”

She blinked at his words. Tried to disconnect from the magnetic teasing in his eyes, tried to ignore the lust flaring through her. Lust that made her nipples harden and her breath come faster.

“Close your eyes, Laura,” he said.

His voice caused turmoil inside her abdomen and she swallowed back the fright edging through her. Why was she reacting so strong to this man? She was supposed to be in lust and love with Tyler not Hunter. And yet she found herself aroused in his presence. Aroused just like when her fantasies of Tyler and Hunter hit. But this wasn’t a fantasy, this was reality.

Despite reality though, she found herself closing her eyes when he palmed her clothed left breast. He was cupping her. Cradling her. Testing her weight. And it felt so good.

“Tyler and I have waited a long time for you.”

“I…I don’t understand,” she murmured.

“You are all we talked about in prison. You were our escape from hell. You are our heaven. I know every intimate detail about you. What you like. What you dislike.”

She found herself trembling at his words. His touch.

“You’ll need some time to get reacquainted with Tyler. I’ll give it to you. You’ll need time to get used to the idea of my wanting you with every fiber of my being, my entire soul. But don’t be frightened. I love you as deeply as Tyler does, although you and I have never been intimate…except for that mind-blowing kiss.”

Confusion ripped her back to her senses. He wanted her. He loved her as much as Tyler? Not possible.

She pulled away and stood.
His eyelids were droopy. He looked sexy that way. Too sexy.
She couldn’t believe how hot and swollen and aching her left breast felt after he’d touched it for mere seconds.

He smiled. A sexy smile, a knowing look.
“You’ll enjoy what we have planned for you, Laura. You’ll love it when the butt plug comes out and we come inside of you. We’ll make all your sexual fantasies come to life.”

Laurie stepped back, shaking her head in denial.
Was that the only reason Tyler had outfitted her with the plug so he could share her with Hunter? He couldn’t have changed so much, could he?

“Don’t run away from us, Laura. I know you want us as much as we want you. I can see the hunger in your eyes. Just as I saw it in Tyler’s in prison. The three of us together, baby. Just as you and he were before the Wars. Just as he and I were during the Wars. You and me and Tyler after.”

This was crazy. Had what he’d said in his delirium been true? That he and Tyler were lovers?

And what about her reaction to his touch? Was it due to the X-virus? Or her true feelings?

Disbelief and confusion brought a rush of tears to her eyes. She was about to turn and run from the raw lust shining in Hunter’s eyes, away from the need heating her body, when she backed into a solid wall of hard flesh.

Strong hands curled over her shoulders, making her cry out in surprise.

“Easy, Laura. Easy.”

Tyler! She’d forgotten he was in the room. How had she so easily forgotten?

Her surprise disintegrated at the feel of his solid erection pressing against the crack of her butt cheeks while he steadied her. He was still turned-on. Turned-on by watching Hunter and her.
Those excerpts will certainly perk up your morning. :)

I'll be back tomorrow. Until then...

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Sloane Taylor
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Monday, March 08, 2010


Six years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Jan Springer, a writing marvel and terrific person. After reading some of my work, Jan advised me to quit my day job and write full time. It was the best advise I'd ever received. Today, I'd like to introduce you all to this phenomenal author.

Jan Springer grew up in both the city of Oshawa, Ontario Canada and during weekends and summer holidays in the rustic woods of Haliburton Highlands in Northern Ontario’s cottage country. As early as the age of three she was fascinated by words. Around the age of twelve she secretly began to write short stories using characters from the television shows she watched.

While sixteen she visited relatives in Europe and picked up a copy of Harlequin’s Summer Rainfall by Kerry Allyne. Immediately she became a voracious reader of romance.

As she grew older, writing took a back seat in life and she pursued careers in hairstyling and accounting as well as doing temporary office and factory jobs as well as a few years working on an apple/blueberry farm. Through all her adventurous jobs, the urge to write continued to burn at the back of her mind.

In July of 1997 her writing life began to take focus following a car accident. Suddenly she realized she was wasting her time in not pursuing her true passion. She began with writing courses and studying the way authors write.

In 2000 she became electronically published and self-published and hasn’t looked back. Jan now writes for a living and is thankful for every minute she can write. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Passionate Ink, the erotic romance chapter of RWA. Her hobbies include kayaking, hiking, photography and tending her vegetable and flower gardens. She loves hearing from her readers.

You can learn more about Jan and her thigh squeezing books on her website and on her blog.

Jan Springer
ISBN: 9781419905049
Ellora's Cave


By day she’s a dedicated gynecologist.
By night Dr. Ella Cinder escapes reality by secretly performing in her own erotic, adult version of Cinderella, aptly re-titled Sinderella.

When sexy colleague Dr. Roarke Stephenson shows up in the Sinderella audience on the same night her Prince Charming stands her up, Ella seizes the opportunity to have Roarke for one carnal night of hot, blazing sex…in front of an audience.

But at the strike of midnight, Ella knows she must face harsh reality. Roarke can not learn her secret life and they can not be together again. Until then, she plans to make sure he never forgets their night of carnal play.

Dr. Roarke Stephenson is immediately captured by the lusciously curvy actress who hides behind a mask and is known only as Sinderella. For some insane reason she reminds him of his klutzy co-worker Ella. But that’s not possible. Ella would never have the nerve to do the wickedly delicious things Sinderella does to him…or would she?

Ella’s heart raced as she lay bound and naked on the gynecologist’s examination table. A fine sheen of perspiration laced her skin. Her hips undulated as Roarke fucked her with the dual vibrator. Sucking sounds of her soaked pussy clutching the sex toy just about drove her mad. Her well-lubed ass burned with pleasure-pain every time he thrust into her and the erotic way the stimulator slid softly over her aching clitoris had her pulling against her bound legs and wrists as she tried to escape the incredible sexual tension.

The rhythmic motions made her body hum, pulse, ache for release.

He’d kept her on the edge of a climax for so long she could barely think straight.

“I’ve wanted to do this to you since the first day I met you, Ella,” his deep voice smoothed over her flushed skin like a jolt of lightning.

“You want more, Ella?”

Excitement flared like a firecracker. Her body trembled.

She could barely see him through the sexual haze. Could hardly see his sparkling, lust-filled green eyes or the sexy smile he reserved only for her.

Oh, God!

She wanted his long, thick cock inside her, not the freaking vibrator!

“I want you,” she pleaded hoarsely, and thrashed her head back and forth. She needed to come so bad. Needed release or she would simply go mad with desire.

“Please, Roarke, please make love to me. Please fuck me,” she whimpered.

“And so you shall have me, Ella,” he said hoarsely. His face twisted with sexual hunger. “You shall have my big cock deep inside your tight little pussy—”

“Good morning, sorry I’m late,” Dr. Roarke Stephenson’s deep, masculine voice slammed into Dr. Ella Cinder’s fantasy like a sensual punch, making her suck in her breath and spill her coffee onto the elaborate oak conference table.

“Christ, Ella! You’re such a damn loser!” her stepmother’s harsh whisper made her flinch and Ella quickly threw a pile of napkins over the puddle of steaming coffee.

Her face flamed as her two stepsisters, Drs. Wanda and Manda Cinder elbowed each other gleefully and chuckled snidely beside her.

Bitches! Ella thought as she pushed against the bridge of her old black-framed glasses in order to keep them from falling off her nose while she wiped at the steaming coffee. From the corner of her eye she spied the man of her frequent sexual fantasies stroll into the room.

He scowled at her stepmother, obviously overhearing her rude remark, but thankfully, he said nothing. Roarke was still relatively new and she didn’t want him getting into trouble on her account.
When he passed by, his delicious male scent slammed into her with such a wicked force her senses spiraled into sexual awareness mode.

Oh, God! He always looked so damned sexy. He wore the traditional white lab coat fully opened, revealing a light green shirt that stretched across his big chest as well as a pair of tight jeans that cradled his awesomely huge bulge. With shoulder-length black hair pulled back in a tight ponytail and a shadowy stubble covering his strong jaw, he looked more like a dangerous bad boy than a prestigious gynecologist.


Jan and I will be back tomorrow with another book to tempt you.:) Until then...

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Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell

Saturday, March 06, 2010


The Naughty Ladies of Nice
Book One
Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-281-9



Determined to prove herself and shed her party girl image, Donatienne Dubois pins her hopes on the exclusive cooking school in Nice, France. One by one her expectations are shattered by a foul-mouthed parrot, a bogus Michelin chef, and a headmistress with a heart of tungsten steel. Her lifesaver is a bad boy hunk too hot not to handle.

Sebastien Reinard is incognito, hating every minute. To pose as a student while protecting a rich wild child is his version of hell, until he partners with the slice of Crème Brule good enough to eat.

Class takes on a whole new meaning as Doni and Sebastien heat up the kitchen when they discover honey has better uses than sweetening tea.


Ooh la la, Mademoiselle, voulez-vous à la baise?”

Donatienne’s running shoes squeaked to a halt on the cracked, gray linoleum. Fuck him? She didn’t fuck just anyone, especially if she didn’t know his name.

“Not unless you have more money than I could ever dream of, you pig.” She refused to turn back toward the crackly voice.

“What? Is your pussy made from gold?”

She gritted her teeth. Insolent bastard.

“Yes, it is. And equipped with a set of rusty fangs to rip off anything that tries to get inside.” Smartass answers weren’t her best first impression at the haute cuisine cooking school she’d waited so long to attend. She had to shake the lowlife who thought he could get away with insults before Chef tossed her out.

Ignore him. Just keep moving. Doni straightened her shoulders and walked past the double door refrigerator.

“Perhaps you prefer to give Pierre a blow job. He would make it worth your time.” A cackle filled the air. “Come on, baby. You know you want me, you slut.”

The fine hairs at the nape of her neck jumped to attention. Doni whirled around, swinging out her arm. She launched her heavy tote at the dumpy man in the splattered apron planted in front of the stainless steel stove.


A satisfying sound to Doni’s ears as her bag connected with his diaphragm and he buckled.

She sprinted a dozen steps toward him, punching air until her fists mashed into his doughy flesh. He shot out his hands. She dodged to the right, away from his reach. Her feet slipped on the waxed floor. Flailing her arms, she grabbed for anything handy. Crash. A white cloud billowed up, blinding her. They fell to the floor with Doni on top, tangled in a mass of apron and legs.

“Protect your balls. Protect your balls. The slut is crazy.”


I'll be back next week. Until then...

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Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


My January newsletter "Members Only Contest" was easy as always. All the entrants had to do was email me with AUSTRIA in the subject line. There are two winners and the prize is a free download of LONNIE HEATS UP.

And the lucky readers are:


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Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell

Monday, March 01, 2010


It's wonderful to make new friends and even better to share them. Today, I'm going to do just that. Please allow me to introduce you to a woman with more balls than most men.

The name's Maxie Briscoe and I am a werewolf…

That’s right, a real live, full moon-loving, Halloween icon. It’s hard out here for girl like me. To survive, I hide my true self and act the part of a normal human, all while discreetly indulging the Beast within. Talk about walking a narrow ledge. And that’s not even the worst part. Sex is. You see I can bench press a pick-up truck and that spells disaster in the bedroom. You can’t have any real fun knowing you might accidentally crush a lover while in the throes. Kind of kills the mood.

Melissa Bradley
Amber Quill Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-650-5 (Electronic) $5.25
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-806-6 (Paperback) Available Mid-March

When a friend’s murder shatters the careful existence I’ve carved out, I come face to face with Damien and Noah, two of the hottest men I’ve ever laid eyes on. They are also the first werewolves I’ve run across since my conversion. The attraction is instant, but complicated, the sex… explosive.

Too bad there’s a killer out there with his sights on me …


Maxie meets Damien and Noah for the first time…

They materialize from the darkness, hunters intent on their prey. Me.

My breath hitches, the animal inside rippling beneath my skin. I’m nervous, but I refuse to let them see. This bitch rolls belly-up for no one. I stride onto my front porch, prepared to defend my territory. Dressed in loungewear, I am hardly the picture of a strong alpha female, but you go with what you got. I look them both dead on.

I fold my arms over my breasts. “What do you want?” I growl, my voice a low rumble.

“We’ve come for you, little one.” With a voice like muffled thunder, the taller of the two moves forward onto my lawn. Twisted steel with sex appeal about sums him up. His dark hair is pulled back in a tail, tee-shirt molded to his cut frame.

My nostrils flare, catching his scent, fresh like a mountain spring at first thaw; my female parts quiver in anticipation. I want to coil myself around him like a python on a Kapok tree, hugging
every hard inch of flesh. Ruthlessly, I shove down the urge. It’s dangerous. Ulterior motives are written all over the two of them, and I just know one of those motives is to dominate me.

“It took us a long time to find you, Maxie.”

The whisky baritone draws my attention, and I watch the other one emerge, lean and graceful, his muscles liquid precision. Definite hotness is woven into the male half of the werewolf
genetic code. His scent is warm and dark, like night in a jungle. My nipples bead with excitement as he lopes toward me, brushing past the larger wolf. He stops at the base of my stairs, conqueror
etched in every line of his body. This is definitely the alpha of the pair.

“Didn’t know I was lost.” I widen my stance, ready to spring. If he’s looking for a challenge, he’s got one.

He smiles, teeth bared, the faint light from the scimitar moon exposing the predatory glint in his eyes.

I can feel the hunger resonating through them, matching my own deep desire.

“We can smell your craving, little one,” the taller one rumbles as he joins his partner.

I hate arrogant assholes. “Is this the part where I’m supposed lie back, spread my legs and say, ‘Do me like Red Riding Hood, you Big Bad Wolf’?”

They chuckle in that knowing, masculine way, the sound like tropical waves lapping along my insides, teasing and inviting.

“She’s more than we imagined, my friend.” The dominant wolf smiles over his shoulder at the other one as he starts up the first step.

“Hold it right there, Romeo,” I snap.

He stops, huffs out a breath and moves back to his original position. “The name is Damien Black. And this is Noah Rayburn.” He jerks a thumb toward the larger guy who inclines his head with a gleaming look in his eyes.

They stand there, watching me, probably wondering when I’m going to quit being so difficult and invite them inside to fuck. Maybe I will and maybe I won’t. All depends on their


Hope you like my new friend, Maxie, and want to learn more about her. I guarantee she's worth the effort. I'll be back later in the week. Until then...

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Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell