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Love Romances and More Reviews gave FRANCINE ON FIRE 4 HEARTS! Below is a snippet followed by the link for the complete review.

Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-060-0

Contemporary Romance Erotic

E Book

Reviewed by Dawn

I love the way this author teases the reader with flashes of wit, lust and comedy as I read FRANCINE ON FIRE. It is a story that had me chuckling one minute and the next wondering if I should call honey home for some serious tension release. This was definitely one of those stories that I am dying to read again, preferably in bed with my significant other.

The heat simmers between them but misunderstandings and tempers flair when things get mixed up between Francine and Heicke. Ms. Taylor delves into Germany again and reintroduces two delightful characters from Lonnie Heats Up and Teddi Turns On. With the right amount of wit, charm and comedy, she introduces you to the real Francine and Heicke, warts and all. This is an author that you know loves her spunky American women and those hot European men they fall for. I definitely couldn’t put it down as I laughed, smiled and lusted over Francine and Heicke’s adventures and I was rooting for these two to get over their troubles to find what they had was so very rare and lovely.

FRANCINE ON FIRE is a delightful story that will leave you gasping for more as the last page is read. I know I am anxiously awaiting word on another installment of those Magnificent Men of Munich and maybe I can find one of my own…even if he is in Ms. Taylor’s wonderful books. If you enjoy a fast paced story with tight writing that weaves a spell around you and filled with characters that seem to steal your heart, then grab Ms. Taylor’s Magnificent Men of Munich Series and FRANCINE ON FIRE. I know I am going to read this one again and hope you do too!

You can read the complete review here

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell

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