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and hotter than ever! Jan Springer is our guest today, celebrating her brand new release BURN FOR ME.

My personal recommendation - Be sure to have ice water nearby for this scorcher.

Below is the blurb and short excerpt to tease you. :)

Jan Springer
ISBN 978-1-41993-004-1
Ellora's Cave


Wrapped in red-hot lust for revenge, Avery plans to murder the man responsible for the death of her son. Her plan is tragically destroyed when her ex-husband kidnaps her, taking her to the rustic Canadian cabin where they once honeymooned.

Mason is fighting for Avery with everything he’s got. Armed with whipped cream, handcuffs and his undying love, Mason vows he’ll make her love again.

With one searing touch Mason stabs through the icy walls of Avery’s heart, melting her defenses and making her burn with sinful sensations. But if their son’s killer gets his way, Mason and Avery’s newfound happiness will be doomed forever.

Biting back a shiver of revulsion at what she was about to do, Avery forced her attention to the reverend and slowly withdrew the gun from the bouquet of roses.

Before the reverend could continue, a disturbing roar from a motorcycle outside ripped through the sanctity of the church. Mumbles of irritation and confusion from the people in the pews were drowned, as the rumbling grew louder. At the back of the church the main doors burst open wide.

Horror snapped through her as a huge sparkling silver motorcycle shot through the opening, a second bike quickly followed and then a third zipped inside. On each bike sat a rider dressed entirely in black leather, faces hidden behind mirrored visors, powerful bodies hunched behind windshields, as they raced their motorcycles in single procession up the aisle toward the wedding party.

And toward her!

Fear and shock paralyzed her as they drew closer. She barely heard Rick yell at everyone to take cover and before she could react, she spied the riders brandishing guns and aiming them at Ron and Rick, both who dove between the pews.

Her maid of honor, Ron and Rick’s younger sister, saw the guns and screamed hysterically as she dashed away from Avery’s side. Avery tried to follow her, but her feet got caught in the hem of her long dress and she stumbled, the gun dropping from her bouquet with a clatter. She thought for sure she’d fall flat on her face but a strong arm curled around her waist like a steel clamp and she was quite literally swept her off her feet. In one rugged swoop, the second biker plopped her onto the seat in front of him. Panic lanced her as he straddled her thighs with his powerful hips. Pushing strong arms against the sides of her body, he held onto his handlebars, effectively holding her captive.

Panic jolted Avery and she tried to push herself sideways against his arms, but he didn’t so much as budge. She was trapped.

Oh God! This isn’t happening! she cried to herself when the wedding party became a blur as with frightening speed, her captor angled the bike around the small front church confines and headed back along the aisle. An aisle she should have been walking down after killing Rick. Instead, she was being kidnapped!

Late afternoon wind blasted her veil against her face as they exploded through the front door. She noticed Rick’s bodyguards being flanked by men with guns. But she didn’t get a good look as the motorcycle she was being held on flew like a bullet down the concrete wheelchair ramp. Cars tooted their horns as the biker penetrated the surprisingly light late afternoon weekend traffic and for a brief insane moment she had the urge to smash the back of her head against the man’s neck and chest, in the hopes of freeing herself from his tight embrace, then throwing herself off the bike. But at the tremendous rate of speed he was now traveling, she’d probably break her neck or die the instant she hit the pavement. She could smash her hands upon this guy’s arms but she had the feeling that wouldn’t work either.

As her kidnapper wrenched the handlebars, he turned a corner on the busy street where pedestrians frantically scrambled out of the way. At this angle Avery was able to cast a quick glance toward the church.

In an open church window at the side of the building, she saw Rick. His gun was drawn. And he was aiming toward her and her kidnapper as well as the other two motorcycles, which flanked the bike she was on. She winced as a torrent of shots rang out and to her surprise her captor pressed his strong body deeper around her, shielding her, protecting her as if she were in a cocoon.

She swallowed in disbelief at his reaction and when another volley of shots screamed past them, her captor cursed, giving away his identity. Avery froze at the familiar voice and confusion raced through her. She closed her eyes, praying she was wrong. Then she was praying she was right because if anyone were to kidnap her, she’d want it to be her ex and not some deranged man hell-bent on killing her to get even with the drug dealing son of a bitch she’d been about to kill.

She felt painful tugs on her hair as he ripped her veil loose and it blew away like a black tumbleweed. “You won’t need this anymore!” he shouted into the wind. Anger and satisfaction etched his voice.

Son of a bitch!

Just then, Mason’s familiar scent swept around her, calming her. He smelled of leather and gasoline and Irish Spring. Had she not been so afraid for her life moments ago, she knew she would have recognized him right away and now that she realized it was Mason who’d kidnapped her, awareness raced through her.

She hadn’t seen him in years. How had he known what she’d been up to? She’d taken another identity and disappeared from her old life, making sure no one would find her, keeping tabs on her old life only through a trusted friend.

And who was Mason riding with? His cop buddies? Men who hadn’t been able to do anything to help throw Rick into prison where he belonged. She clamped down the anger that threatened to consume her every time she thought of Rick and concentrated on the wonderful way her body was reacting to Mason. His warmth seeped through the material of her wedding dress, caressing her skin, making her breasts swell in anticipation and her nipples harden into tight aching beads. Slowly, she comprehended the hard angles of his body as she became aware of the muscles that pressed against her. A wide solid chest and powerful thighs, not to mention his thick arousal pressing intimately against her backside, making her tremble, as memories and erotic heat splashed through her in luscious waves and along with it came the familiar guilt. She would not be happy while her son’s killer was once again free. All because of her ex-husband.

Dammit! Mason had screwed her plans.

A new fear invaded her. By kidnapping her, Mason might have blown her cover and if Rick and Ron found out who’d whisked her away, they’d hunt them both down. They wouldn’t stop until her ex and Avery were both anchored with cement weights on the bottom of Lake Ontario.

But before she could contemplate that any further, she sighed in relief as he slowed the bike and swerved down an alley, then another narrower alley and came to an abrupt halt.


You can read more about Jan Springer's outstanding work on her website.

I'll be back tomorrow. Until then...

Happy Writing!

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