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The Naughty Ladies of Nice Tell All

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Sam Cheever for inviting us to take part in her Character Interview Blog Hop. We have prizes today for everyone who comments or emails me! Prizes range from bookmarks and trading cards to free copies of French Tart. So be sure to make contact with me by either method.

The Naughty Ladies of Nice are the brazen heroines from French Tart, French Delights, French Twist, French Kiss, and French Tickler. They agreed to behave while my author friend Dominique Eastwick interviews them. I don’t know if I can keep these rowdy chicks under control. They’re all jabbering in French and English and I can’t understand one word. Why did I ever write their stories!

Dominique: Hi ladies! Thanks for agreeing to meet with me today.

Naughty Ladies as one: Bon jour, Dominique!

Lisette: Dominique, such a joli name.

Sloane: English, please. Our readers may not know you mean Dominique is a pretty name.

Lisette: Why did you not name one of us Dominique?

Group chaos ensues.

Doni: Rachel, s'il vous plaît, this is not the time to work on your new novel. Pay attention.

Rachel: Sorry, I’ll just finish one more line and…

Claudette claps her hands: Assez! We do not have all day nor do the kind people reading this. We must make the decision on our speaker.

Lisette: I suggest Samantha. She is American and will do the best.

Sloane: Ladies, please, give our hostess a chance to speak.

Their racket dims to a low roar and finally trails off.

Sam: Thanks, girls, for the confidence. I’ll give it a whirl.

Why do you think Sloane Taylor choose you to represent her?

Sam: That’s easy to answer. We’re all Sloane or at least some facet of her.

Doni and Lisette in unison:
Mai oui, you are right, Samantha!

Doni: I have her cooking talents.

Lisette: I have the business knowledge.

Claudette: Certainement, I am her secret desire!

Rachel: I’m what she wishes to become!

Sloane: Aaarrgghh.

Tell us a little about yourself?

Sam: We’re all from different parts of the world, but I was born in New York of Italian parents. My mom was great, but she died when I was young. That left my father, the head “made man” and me alone a lot. Years later, I worked in the rag trade after my art teacher advised me to become a designer. I opened my own house and create ultra sexy lingerie for every size lady.

The road to success wasn’t always easy, like the time I was poisoned and almost died. Ugh. I hate to think of that.

Doni pats Sam’s shoulder: Cheri, it was terrible for all of us to see you so ill. We are happy Sloane knew how to write the good ending. (Doni gasps) I meant for the scene not your life, mon ami.

Where do you live?

Sam: My business is mobile so I can live anywhere in the world. I choose to be in beautiful Nice, France and party with the other Naughty Ladies.

Naughty Ladies stamp their feet and clap: Whoo Hoo!

Will we be seeing more of you or are you stepping out of the lime light?

Hmm, I guess I’ll be cast as a secondary character in the future, but I do have two cousins who’d be perfect Naughty Ladies. Hey, girls, what about Estelle? You know, the woman who runs the bar by the market?

Lisette: Oui, she is perfectionner.

Claudette turns to Sloane: S'il vous plaît, you must add Estelle to our group.

Doni: Rachel, I will not tell you again. Give me that notepad.

Sloane: Ladies, we’re getting off track here. We’ll carry this on at home. Now let Dominique and Sam continue with the interview.

Is there anything you wish Sloane had kept her mouth shut about?

Snorts and glares at Sloane from all the Naughty Ladies.

Sam: Obviously, we all have a secret. It seems some authors have no respect for privacy, including our author.

A momentary Naughty Ladies huddle.

Sam: We don’t mind Sloane flung open our bedroom doors and shared our intimate sexual quirks. She should have left our fears of loneliness and failure, naming just two of the five, out of our books. We love to party and make love, but we do have pride.

Do you feel you were portrayed fairly?

Another Naughty Ladies confab.

Sam: Yes. If it’s one thing Sloane did well, it was to tell our stories with heart and depth. We thank her for that.

The Naughty Ladies clap.

Sloane blushes

Tell us about Cisco what drew you to him?

The man is stiff with a capital S. C’mon, who wears a three-piece suit to the beach? My Cisco, well at least the day he finally garnered the nerve to speak with me. I’m very happy to tell you he’s loosened up quite a bit. Now days he hardly wears anything!

Naughty Ladies: Ooh la la!

What do you do to relax?

Draw naked ladies which is how Cisco and I met.

Doni: I like to cook and entertain!

I make lists of charities my foundation can assist.

Sloane: Shush, ladies. Sam does all the talking, remember?

Claudette: Just because you wrote us does not make you are the boss of us.

Sloane emits a groan.

What about the women on the covers, are they a fair representation of each of you?

The Naughty Ladies cluster together.

Sam: Yes, and they are beautiful. Even though we still argue over who has the best cover, we all agree that Kelly Shorten, the head cover artist at Musa Publishing, is the best in the business. Each cover has items relevant to our specific stories. Our men are life-like and true and we ladies are shown to our best advantage. Each of us is very happy with the outcome.

Sloane: Okay, ladies, it’s time to wrap this up before we have to pay rent.

Sam: Thank you again, Dominique, for having us out. It’s been fun.

Doni turns to Lisette: Does this mean we must return to our books? When do we get to come out again and play?

Claudette glances over at Doni: Oui, you goose, of course and when someone reads us. En fait, I can hardly wait to be with my Doe nahld again.

Rachel: Okay, Lisette, give me back my notepad. I’ve got a terrific idea for a new book.

Lisette: Oui, sorry. I was thinking about Paul and perhaps a quiet evening at home.

I need a drink.

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Dominique Eastwick is a multi-published author who grew up a US Navy Brat. She currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, two children, crazy lab, and lazy cat.

When not writing you can find Dominique at her second love, behind the lens of her camera.

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  1. Enjoyed meeting the ladies. :) So glad they behaved... somewhat. lol

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for coming out.:)

  2. Loved the interview! The ladies are a hoot. I can tell you have your hands full with them! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Hey Sloane last time I tweeted French Tart one of my friends came back and asked for the recipe !! Love the interview - Oh la la

    1. ROTFL!! That's wonderful, Susan. I'm afraid to know what you sent her. lol

  4. Hilarious, ladies! Great job with the interview, though it sounded more like a party to me! Go get your drink, Sloane, you've earned it! Cheers!

    1. That's why I love you, Sharon, you always have good advice.:)

  5. Love these ladies Sloane :)

  6. Thanks, Dom. They love you, too.:)

  7. Anonymous5:38 PM

    You don't see interviews of multiple characters too often--pretty fun!

    Trix, vitajex(at)aol(Dot)com

    1. Glad you enjoyed the girls, Trix. Email me at and I'll send you free downloads of a Musa cookbook and French Tart.:)