Monday, April 07, 2014


Multi-published and multi-genre author and good friend Viki Lyn is visiting with hew new erotic contemporary romance novel Formula for Love. This book just released last Friday. I guarantee Formula for Love will be a bestseller. See for yourself.

Kenneth believes everything—even love—can be solved logically, until he meets a flower child who challenges him at every turn.

Kenneth Hailey, an uptight conservative mathematician, believes he's in control. After all, every problem can be solved in a deliberate and logical manner. Even love. When his fiancée dumps him for his best friend, he leaves Manhattan for the West Coast. What better place to forget his past. It's 1967, and San Francisco is the place to turn on, tune in, and drop out.

But is he ready for Rose Red?

Rose Red, a free-spirited flower child, challenges Kenneth, thrusting him into her world of love-ins, protest rallies, and rock concerts. Kenneth finds himself falling down a rabbit hole, hanging on for dear life.

Old habits die hard, and he retreats, but Rose Red has other plans for him.

Rose patted his hand. “Forget it. You already said too much. You think girls don’t have the brains for math. We’re too emotional for such discipline. So do you want to sleep with me?”

Kenneth choked, and a spray of coffee spurted across the table, barely missing Rose. He wiped up the mess with his napkin, while muttering an apology. “I might be behind the times, but I like to be the one to invite the girl to bed.”

“If I waited for you to make the first move we’d never get past first base.”

“There’s the unwritten teacher-student rule.”

“You said our paths would never cross, so why worry about it? Do you always follow the rules? We can bend them a little. I’m not talking about a relationship here.”

“You’re talking about loving the one you’re with.” He smiled at himself for using her phrase. The sunlight broke through the window and Rose’s hair shone a burnished copper. Luscious, silky hair he’d like to touch again. “What do you mean by bend?”

“We can sleep together, and since we’re not looking for love, and we’re not each other’s type, and don’t want to—”

“—form any attachments.”

Rose sat back and crossed her arms. “Are you going to let me finish my sentence?”

Kenneth sank in his chair, uncomfortable with the conversation, but riveted.

“Yes, since we don’t want any attachments,” she continued, “it would be ideal. What do you say?”

He scratched his chin. “So I’m going to love the one I’m with after all? I don’t know.”

Rose waved off Kenneth’s worried expression. “Sex can be fantastic, and I’m horny, been without it—”

“—for a day?”


What inspires Viki is the reality that romance between lovers is a hope more than a guarantee. Her stories are an eclectic mix of contemporary and paranormal, but it is always romance that drives the story to its final happily-ever-after.

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Viki is also an award winning author of male/male paranormal and contemporary romances. You can find all of her books at the following sites: Amazon, All Romance Ebooks and GLBT Bookshelf.


  1. Sloane, the post looks great. Thank you for having me as a guest. I loved writing Formula For Love and stepping back into the craziness that was 1967 in San Francisco. The love story is as contemporary as the 21st century though, and so I hope readers will check it out.

    1. You're welcome, Viki. I'm always happy to introduce my reading friends to excellent authors.:)

  2. Anonymous3:21 PM

    This is a great story line Vicky. All that flower power of the sixties mixed in with an uptight mathematician. Love the excerpt and have put on my TBR .

  3. Susan, thank you. Kenneth is uptight but he just doesn't have a chance to keep on his starched shirts when he meets Rose!

  4. Every an should have that one special someone who ruffles his feathers!

  5. What a great sounding read. Thanks for sharing the excerpt. Sounds like Rose will keep Kenneth on his toes.

  6. Thank you all for commenting! Yes, Rose Red is quite a challenge for Kenneth. But he also is a challenge for Rose. :) Rose was named after my beloved grandmother - Nonna Rose. :)