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Toronto based freelance writer and fantasy author Dianna Gunn never says die and she forges ahead with energy and determination. This talented woman is dedicated to bring dreams to life. And she will with her new work Moonshadow's Guardian. This 90,000 word book is a sword and sorcery novel that aims to subvert and surpass common fantasy tropes. It's the first book in the Moonshadow Rising Duology, and after almost ten years of work, Dianna is ready to bring it out into the world.

Here’s a little to peak your interest.

All Riana has ever wanted is freedom. Unfortunately, that's the one thing her kind cannot have.

Bound by the curse in her demonic blood for millennia, Riana has tried several times to bend the rules and live out her life in the mortal realm. Now her consistent rule breaking has drawn the attention of Loki, God of Mischief, the main tormentor of Riana's kind. But instead of punishing her, he offers her the escape she has always desired. All she has to do to is save the kingdom of Moonshadow from a mysterious magical plague.

Armed only with the inherent power of her own blood and Loki's pet dragon, Riana is determined to fight for the right to create her own destiny.

However, when her mission forces her to destroy the last remnants of an ancient culture, Riana must ask – what is freedom really worth?

Moonshadow's Guardian is a tale about the meaning of belonging, and the struggle to create a future not defined by your past.

But to make this novel become a reality, Dianna needs a little help from you.

Moonshadow's Guardian has been through several extensive edits and rounds of beta reading. Dianna has invested a significant amount of her own money into the book as well. She has paid for professional cover art and the first round of professional editing.

But traditionally published books go through at least three rounds of editing before they hit bookstores. Dianna wants to give Moonshadow's Guardian the same chances of success as any traditionally published book.

Here's what your contribution will pay for:
One round of professional editing - $950 – This edit will go beyond regular copyediting by focusing on clarity, consistency, clichés, overall style, and grammar and punctuation. This is more expensive than most copyediting, but also offers more depth, ensuring that Moonshadow's Guardian is a book you will love reading.

One round of professional proofreading - $250 - This will catch any spelling or grammar errors left over.

Uploading to Ingram Spark - $75 - This lets me gain bookstore distribution and increase the reach of Moonshadow's Guardian.

Maintaining an annual publishing schedule - Priceless - An author's career is built on their ability to produce books regularly. Publishing Moonshadow's Guardian this year will give old readers something new to enjoy and new readers something to discover.

Kickstarter Fees - The standard fees charged by Kickstarter.

Of course, this isn't all about what Dianna gets - it's about what YOU will get for your support. She has books, books, and more books for you! This includes not only copies of Moonshadow's Guardian and her first book, Keeper of the Dawn, but also donated ebook AND print copies of some amazing books from other indie authors:

The Defender's Apprentice by Amelia Smith
The Dawning of Power Trilogy by Brian Rathbone
The Best Weapon by Martin Bolton and David Pilling
Moonless by Crystal Collier
Starter Zone by Chris Pavesic
EPIC by L Taylor
Hair to the Throne by Meredith Katz

To help Dianna succeed, please click HERE to contribute any amount to Dianna’s Kickstarter project.

Dianna L. Gunn is a freelance writer by day and a fantasy author by night. She knew she wanted to be a writer since she was eight years old. Dianna wrote her first novel for Nanowrimo at eleven years old. As an adult,Dianna quickly discovered writing books is not an easy way to make a living. So she decided to broaden her horizons, seeking another career that still allowed her to work with words.

Her freelance writing career started when she became a marketing intern at Musa Publishing in September 2011 and quickly became a staff writer in charge of multiple imprint blogs. Since then she has worked with a variety of small businesses and non-profits to improve their online brands and create long term marketing strategies. Some of her most notable work has been for the tech education non-profit STEAMLabs and natural dog care company ProPooch. She is dedicated to helping her clients build successful brands and making their dreams come true.

Need help creating awesome content for your business? Send an email to explaining what your needs are, and she will help you.

When she isn’t helping her clients bring their dreams to life, Dianna can be found working on her own dream of being a successful fantasy author.

Dianna blogs about writing, creativity, and books at The Dabbler.

Learn more about Dianna on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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