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A Can of Wryms

by S.G. Rogers

Norse mythology isn’t warm and fuzzy. In fact, many of the legends are off-putting and gritty. The creation myth involves a giant (Ymir) who births a man and woman from his armpits, and whose blood forms oceans. The more I did research on the subject, the less inclined I was to use any of the nine worlds of Norse mythology in my new fantasy series.

Then, I had an epiphany.

Norse mythology predates Christianity. These myths, legends and beliefs circulated for two centuries before any actual recordation occurred. What if the scribes in Midgard (Earth) got their facts wrong, or spun the legends to suit their own purposes? What if Asgard (home of the Norse Gods) still exists, and continues to evolve to this day? Now that playground was something that seized my imagination.

Although I was aware meddling with tradition might be opening up a can of ‘wyrms,’ the runestones were cast. In The Druid, I set about creating a world where I chose what worked for my story, massaged those aspects that weren’t quite so appealing, and discarded what I didn’t like. Fans of Norse mythology will recognize certain elements I wove into the fabric of the tale, but no knowledge of Norse mythology is required to enjoy the story.

Controversial? Possibly. Provocative? Hopefully. My hope is that interested readers will be motivated to do their own research. In The Druid, I write about ‘the road less traveled by’ and to me, that made all the difference. ~ S.G. Rogers


An Asgard Adventure, Book One
S.G. Rogers
ISBN: 978-1-61937-179-8
Musa Publishing


Dani Avery is an ordinary girl wishing for adventure. She never expected to be kidnapped by mythological creatures and taken to a place she thought only existed within the pages of a book. Abandoned in Asgard, Dani must find her way home. Along the way, she meets the handsome Prince Rein. Sadly, the elf is not-so-charming and has issues of his own, leaving Dani disappointed and vulnerable. With nowhere left to turn Dani looks for help among the powerful Immortals, but gets caught in a trap that may leave her stranded and alone in Asgard forever.

Outside, a flickering light in the adjacent parking area cast a moody pall. Even though the lot was deserted, Dani quickened her pace. Suddenly, out of nowhere, two towering figures with indistinct forms and features pinned her from either side. One of them spoke in a voice that was neither male nor female—or human.

“Druid, we have you at last.”

She was too shocked to react for a moment. But when something like clammy tendrils of rubber cement began to curl around her wrists and upper arms, Dani was galvanized into action. Although she tried to beat the ectoplasm out of her assailants, the tendrils continued to form until she was nearly immobile. Then, the shadowy figures dragged her into another plane of existence.

No longer in the Avery Dry Cleaners parking lot, Dani and her kidnappers had materialized in a field of electric-blue grass laced with broad swaths of green four-leaf clover. The sunlit sky was unlike any Dani had ever seen. The color was a kaleidoscope of intense periwinkle, purples, and pinks, with an occasional silvery wisp floating past. Reminiscent of the aurora borealis, the effect was dazzling, but Dani could scarcely enjoy the view in her current predicament.

She was lying in the grass, trussed up like a turkey, and utterly helpless. Unable to speak because of the rubbery tendrils across her mouth, Dani could only glare at Ninn and Ginn. Moments ago, the creatures had appeared spectral, but now they were vividly clear. They were humanoid, but the facial features under their hooded capes were strangely avian. Ninn prodded Dani’s thigh with the toe of his black boot. “It’s a female,” he chirped.

“I hate to admit it, but this definitely ain’t the Druid.” Ginn massaged his beakish nose, swollen even larger from close contact with Dani’s knuckles. “A shieldmaiden, I’m guessing, from her combat skills,” he said. “What should we do with her?”

“Send her back to Midgard?”

“Can’t. She’ll warn the Druid we’re looking for him.”

“Let’s dump her in Helheim.”

“Ah, that would be too cruel,” Ginn said. He gave a diabolical chuckle. “But I like it.”


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  4. I'll be reading it, Ms. Rogers. I can't wait because I loved The Last Great Wizard of Yden. :)

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