Monday, August 06, 2012

Experience Blind Lust with Annie Seaton

Hi Eveyone, I’m Annie Seaton and excited to tell you that Blind Lust, my paranormal novella, has been released by Musa Publishing. This is my third book published since I retired from teaching twelve months ago. It is my favourite and I hope readers love it, too. Aunt Helen, the ghost, is actually based on a real person and a real ghost!

All things historical and paranormal have always fascinated me. I'm happy my niche is writing steampunk and romance, both contemporary and paranormal.

The beautiful east coast of Australia is my home. I share it with my husband, ‘Bob’ the dog, and two white cats. Our house is next to the beach so I spend hours gazing at the ocean that inspires me to create new stories. When I’m not writing, my time is divided between the garden, walking on the beach, and spoiling my two grandchildren.

Now here's a bit form Blind Lust.

A wager between the gods can change your life. Even if you are a witch…

When Venus has a wager with Cupid, that prudish librarian Lizzy Sweet cannot be enticed to love, she neglects to tell her son that Lizzy is a three hundred year old witch. The first man Lizzy sees after Cupid shoots his arrow is Josh Deegan, a famous country and western singer who has come to town to rediscover his muse, in an old farmhouse haunted by a culinary ghost. Local warlock, Wesley Gordon, who has been hitting on Lizzy to no avail for over one hundred years, is not impressed. The quirky old folk of Silver Valley watch fondly as the battle between love and lust plays out. Leaden and golden arrows zing around, spells are magicked, potions stirred, and ghosts hunted. Who will fall in love and who will let the other go forever?

“You’re quiet today, Liz. Everything okay in your world?” Wesley’s other hand landed on her knee and crept along her thigh. Wesley had fallen in love with Lizzy the instant he moved to the valley, delighted to find another of his kind in the quaint little town. Lizzy spent her time saving him from a variety of scrapes, unbelieving of the constant professions of his love for her. Lizzy laughed, removing his hand from her leg.

“Just a peculiar morning, Wes. It’s left me feeling a bit strange.”

She scratched at her neck. Wesley’s protective instinct kicked in. “If somebody has upset you—”

Lizzy interrupted him before he could get going. She always spoiled his fun; his lack of success with simple spells was a source of great amusement to her.

“I met a man,” she said softly.

“What sort of man?” His stomach dropped. Lizzy looked at him, a far away dreamy look in her eyes. Now he really started to worry, he had never seen that look on her face before. In fact, he had been trying to get her to look at him like that for a very long time.

Wesley had been in love with Lizzy for many years and his love remained unrequited. He had vowed to himself that he would not give up. He knew in his heart that Lizzy did really love him, she just had to realize that. Or that’s what he told himself each day.

They had plenty of time. He was the only man who knew of her Wiccan world, and why she could never fall in love with a mortal man.

Lizzy was old.

Really old.

Over three hundred years old.


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Happy Reading!

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