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Raine Delight’s Top Five Book Series to Devour this Summer

Thanks to Sloane for letting me have this spot to talk about my top five book series to enjoy this summer as well as my latest release.

It's summer here in my neck of the woods and that means no school, lazy days and gorgeous weather…well maybe. I live in between Buffalo and Rochester, New York so our summers here are in flux a lot. One minute hotter than Hades, another so cool you need a sweatshirt or jacket. But I am determined this summer to get caught up on some of my favorite series considering I have seen more books come out and my time to read has been limited.

So without further adieu, let me list my top five series I am going to try to get caught up on this summer if it kills me.

5) Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters/Chronicles of Nick Series
Lord have mercy, I am so far behind it isn’t funny with this series. I think I stopped right around Bad Moon Rising (DH) and Infinity (CoN) and got swept away with other books and so forth. I really want to see if I can re-read all the books up to the new one, Styxx (DH) & Illusion (CoN), so I am somewhat caught up before the new books come out next year.

4) The Hollows Series by Kim Harrison
The author has the final book in the series releasing this fall and I am determined to re-read the books so I can get caught up with all the going on’s with Ivy, Jenks & Rachel Morgan. This series looks like it is going out with a bang and I am eager to get caught up with everyone before the new book appears.

3) JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood Series
Oh man, I am so far behind on this series, it isn’t funny anymore. I am hoping I can get caught up before the next book is out so I am not feeling so lost when I read the book blurbs and follow conversations on it online. I left off on Butch’s story so I am thinking I need my BDB fix soon.

2) Larissa Ione’s Demonica/Lords of Deliverance Series

I stopped on book two of the Demonica series and haven’t read the other books or the spin-off, Lords of Deliverance even though all the new books are sitting on my bookshelf waiting for me to pick them up. From what I remember this series touched all my love buttons right from the start and I am thinking it’s a perfect beach read.

And finally, my number one series to get to this summer is…..

Julie Kagawa’s Blood of Eden series
My daughter just raved about this trilogy and I got all three books staring at me. Darker than her Iron Fey series and dealing with a dystopian world with vampires and other bump in the night creatures on top of the food chain. I have been eager to read this series from the moment I heard of it and look forward to finding out more about the books as well as the characters.

So there you have it…My top five summer book series I hope to make a dent in over the next month or two. I am lucky I can skim read and whatnot because that is a lot of books to get a handle on.

So my question is to you, dear readers…what book series are you eager to explore or re-read again? I will pick one commenter for a $5 All Romance gift card as a prize. Make sure to leave your email address within the comment so I know how to contact you in case you win.

Moonlight Masquerade
A short contemporary M/M Story
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Available at (buy links are coming shortly-having issues with formatting for smashwords and amazon)

It’s Valentine’s weekend, and for Skylar Everclear it’s a holiday he wishes he could forget. Mysterious roses keep popping up on his doorstep. No idea what is going, a little disturbed by this secret admirer, he tries to forget it all since he just got rid of the latest line of loser boyfriends and just wants to do his job at the local bakery. But when he meets his new neighbor, Marc Douglas, he finds himself drawn to the quiet young man even as he tries to not let his libido take over. But on Valentine's Day, a mysterious rose again pops up with a note to meet his admirer that night. Will Skylar take a chance that love is right there waiting for him?

And now a short teaser:

Pulling into his parking spot, he wearily dragged his aching body out of the car then stopped suddenly. There was a guy walking out of the apartment building Skylar lived in, whistling some nameless tune. His jeans hugged his legs and the buttoned down shirt made his hands itch to see what was under it. Swallowing hard, Skylar pasted a sickly smile on his face and started walking again. Even up close, he looked amazing and his eyes were gorgeous…a deep emerald green with flecks of gold. They captured Skylar’s attention and he must have looked like a moron staring at the guy but he couldn’t look away. The stranger cleared his throat and had him gasping like a fish out of water, heat washed over his face.

“Sorry,” he mumbled as he tried not to stare anymore but man, this guy was hot.

“It’s…okay. Um, do you live here?”

That little hesitance had Skylar really feeling bad for scaring the guy. He didn’t mean to alarm him but there was something about this guy that had Skylar’s body humming and his cock was already half hard from the lust filled visions filling his head.

With a shake of his head, Skylar focused on what the guy was asking. “Yes I do. Apartment B3. Are you new to the complex? I don’t think I have seen you here before?”

“Yes…I …um just moved in today.” The poor guy looked like he wanted to bolt.

Skylar didn’t have a clue why he looked so fearful. He put out his hand, “Welcome to the building. I hope you get settled in and if you need any help, please just knock on my door. If I am not at work, I am home so it isn’t a bother. My name is Skylar...Skylar Everclear.”

He felt like an idiot with his hand out. After figuring he made the worst first impression, the mysterious guy shook his hand and smiled, tremulous, but still a smile that made his heart catch. He had these deep dimples and he made Skylar think very naughty thoughts.

”I’m Marc Douglas, and I’ll keep that in mind if I need help, Skylar. Thank you for your generous offer. I need to get to work, but I hope we see each other around.”

Skylar dropped his hand and watched as Marc walk to his motorcycle and climbed on. With a roar the guy waved and zoomed out of the parking lot. Heaving a sigh as he watched the taillights disappear, Skylar shook his head and walked to his apartment. Then stopped and stared…feeling as if the ocean was going to swallow him whole.

Another. Damn. Rose.

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