Monday, May 06, 2013

Cupid Only Rings Twice

But The Love Demon Rings Once Too!

By Sam Cheever

I’ll bet you never knew there was such a thing as love demons did you? Who did you think the unscrupulous people, the cads, the womanizers used to get fresh victims for their unwelcome advances? That’s right, love demons. What exactly is the difference between a love demon and a cupid you ask? Well, let’s see, I’m pretty sure my fun and sexy book, Cupid Only Rings Twice covered that. Yup, here it is:

Love Demon was directly across the street from Delivery by Cupid. The two businesses advertised basically the same services, but definitely didn’t go about things the same way. Delivery by Cupid truly believed in helping lovers enhance their love experience. The cupid-run business focused all of its considerable efforts on building a loving bond between two people.

By contrast, as the name implied, Love Demon was run by demons and any type of sexual or emotional interaction sufficed for them. They didn’t discern between hook ups and lifetime love, which made them at once the perfect complement to their competition across the street…and a huge thorn in the cupids’ sides.

What the description above doesn’t tell you, is that Zach, the head demon at Love Demon, was also not bothered by scruples. If he had to resort to devious (and ridiculously unethical) means to get the job done, he did it without qualms. Which was why Damios, our sexy Greek hero in the story, is so upset about his client threatening to go to Zach with his ugly little job. Damios is already falling for the lovely Rori and doesn’t want her tricked and humiliated. What exactly is Zach planning to do, you ask? Well, let’s see, I think I can find the part where it explains…ah yes, here we go:

The room thickened with magic. Papers flew off Damios’s desk and swirled in the power-drenched air. The shades on the windows swayed in it, banging against the wood frame as the energy built.

The outer office door opened and Melody from the front desk came in, closing the door firmly behind her. Melody was one of Aphrodite’s granddaughters and had more power in her little pinkie than either man would ever have. “Stop it you two! You’re sucking all the love out of the air and people are starting to squabble. I just had a client tell me my dress was ugly!”

Melody was more beautiful than the sun and the moon, and had vanity to match. She was used to being told how incredible and perfect she was. Nothing put her in a black mood faster than being criticized.

Damios took a deep breath and forced himself to back down. He threw Melody a sheepish look. “You’re right. I’m sorry.”

Zach stared at Damios for a moment, his dark blue gaze filled with speculation. Then he inclined his head and turned toward the door. “You’ve lost the client. He hired me this morning. I’m gonna make the pretty girl cry.”

Damios clenched his fists again, but Melody arched a single mahogany eyebrow at him and he bit the rage back. “Rori isn’t going to fall for a bunch of meaningless, pretty words, Demon. She’s too smart and careful for that.”

Zach stepped around Melody and opened the door. When he glanced back his grin was filled with mischief. “You must think I’m stupid, Cupid.” He chuckled. “That’s why I’m gonna put a little extra somethin’ somethin’ on the love note.” He grinned at Melody. “The client’s an idiot, darling. That dress is stunning. But then, you could make an oil-stained newspaper look like Versace, couldn’t you?”

Melody’s mood brightened immediately. She didn’t even notice that Damios vibrated with anger as she followed Zach out of the room.

Damios dropped into his chair, his heart pounding with concern. If the demon used magic against Rori, she wouldn’t have a chance. She’d read the love note, cry, and the ass who’d fired him would get a notch in his belt at her expense.

Or worse, what if Zach’s spell impelled her to sleep with the guy?

Ugly huh? But don’t worry, Damios is determined to stop Zach from humiliating the lovely Rori. Unfortunately, he’s almost certainly going to make her hate him in the process because of his part in the whole mess. Yeah, it’s a tricky business, this love match stuff, which is why only a cupid should attempt it.

Now let me leave you with this final warning, if a love demon ever sends a smile your way, try to ignore the extremely gorgeous and sexy exterior (I’m serious, close your eyes if you have to!) and kick his perfect butt to the curb. No good ever comes from letting those bad boys into your life.

This Valentine’s Day, Rori’s gonna meet an honest to god Cupid. And he’ll use more than arrows to win her love.

Rori Foster is too beautiful to find love. Men just can’t seem to look past her exterior to recognize the human being inside. But, this Valentine’s Day, Rori’s gonna meet an honest to god Cupid. And he’ll use more than arrows to win her love.

Unfortunately he’ll have to save her from the bad intentions of a cocky Love Demon first. But Damios is determined to protect her. Even if he loses her in the process.

Bitten by Paranormal Romance
gives Cupid a 4 – A Pack Howl!
"This is a delightful and sexy story of competition not only in the office, but between a cupid and a demon."

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  1. Sam, love your books & Cupid is one of my favorites!

  2. Ah, thanks for clearing up the difference between cupid and love demon. I had no idea. ;) Cupid Only Rings Twice sounds wonderful. Onto the TBR pile it goes!

    1. Hey Sara! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Thanks lizzie! I have a soft spot for this one myself. Damios is one sexy Cupid! #:0)

  4. Thanks so much for letting me crash today, Sloane!

  5. Sam - I didn't know you're a Musa author too! You sure do get around - and I mean in a GOOD way! Wink! Keepin on writing, girl! Best wishes with your new release!

    1. I do! LOL Thanks so much. Alas, I'm way overdue to write something else for Musa. I need to fix that soon.