Friday, October 31, 2008

We have WINNERS!!

Today's the day to announce my winners in Tabitha Shay's Halloween Blog Fest.
Here are my 10 Trivia Questions and Answers;

1 - Name the Naughty Ladies of Nice books in release order.
Ans. - French Tart, French Delights, French Twist, French Kiss, and French Tickler.
2- What was the satisfying sound to Doni's ears when her bag connected with his diaphragm and he buckled?
Ans. - Ooof
3 - What did Doni think the scum bucket smelled like?
Ans. - Tarragon
4 - What song was Lisette mouthing while she watched the gardener?
Ans. - You Can Leave Your Hat On
5 - What did Lisette see the gardener easily hoist with one hand?
Ans. - A large shovel
6 - What kind of attitude did Donald think Claudette had?
Ans. - An irritating, hoity-toity attitude.
7 - What was Claudette wearing when Don came into the bathroom?
Ans. - A smile and her red stilettos.
8 - To what image did Rachel change her secret pirate?
Ans. - A swashbuckler
9 - Who else did Rachel remember with the same snotty attitude as Henri?
Ans. - An agent who thought children's books were a bane to society.
10- When does French Tickler release?
Ans. - January 2009

And the winners are:

Each winner recives her choice of book in the Naughty Ladies of Nice series.

The response was terrific! Thank you all for playing. And a HUGE THANKS to Tabs for hosting this fun contest.

Have a Happy Halloween,

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell

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