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Our guest author, Margaret West, is an awesome romance and paranormal writer. Born in England, Margaret and her family moved to the Kent countryside five years ago to get away from the busy life in London. She has worked in various fields and is a Clair-knowing medium, Crystal Therapist, Parapsychologist and Psychic development tutor.

Margaret has been writing over 20 years and has numerous short stories, novels and articles published. She incorporates her spiritual experiences into her novels with thrilling results. ABIGAIL COTTAGE is a perfect example of her excellent talent.

Margaret West
ISBN 978-1-9079-6305-6
Hedge-Witchery Books

Hedge-Witchery Books
Amazon UK

After receiving an inheritance of a cottage in Ireland and discovering she is adopted, Abbey Newlands goes in search of her real family. But before she arrives at the cottage, a chain of events and a whirlwind romance leaves her deeply in love with Shaun O'Donnell.

When Shaun's mother, Aveline, reveals a dark twist of fate that means they can never be together, Abbey flees to the cottage alone, pregnant and unaware that it is cursed by two demons who reside there. One who will love her, and one who wants her dead.

Only Shaun has the power to save them both and lock the demons away behind Hell's door.

Abbey moved her hand and touched the ground. A cold breeze ran its icy fingers Along her body and she felt her flesh recoil. “What’s happening?”

She turned her head and saw the cottage outlined in the darkness. A deeper reasoning told her he was dreaming, yet fear warped any logic. She stared, trying to see through the veil of darkness. No one was there, yet the hairs on the back of her neck stood to attention and told her otherwise. Panic made her heart beat uncomfortably and she placed her hand on her chest to calm the rhythmic ache.

Abbey got to her feet. She felt wobbly, unsure why she couldn’t run to the cottage. Fear nagged her like an irritating itch, but the more she hurried the further away it became. The freezing wind whipped by. It was strong, pushing her back, away from safety – away from her home. Huge trees whipped down their branches, slicing the air above her head as though trying to spear her flesh. She screamed when one snagged her hair and tore a piece from her scalp. Abbey ran until her lungs felt they would explode with pressure. Her legs grew heavy, as though she were carrying a great weight. She stopped, gasping for breath. It was then she saw her grotesquely distended stomach. A sharp stab of fiery pain, spread across it.

“Shaun, help me,” she screamed into the darkness.

The pain came in waves, with little retribution, until her legs buckled and the ground came up to meet her with a sickening thud. Abbey winced as her body jarred against its firmness. When she saw shadowy figures moving towards her, she almost cried with relief.

“Please - someone help me.”

“You have the cheek to ask for help with that abomination you carry,” a woman’s voice replied.

“Why I heard tell it’s spawned from your brother’s seed!” A man shouted.

Abbey’s mouth dried out with terror. How did they know?

“It’s my child,” she argued. “You’ve no right to condemn me.” She forced herself to sit upright and held her head rigid in defiance. “Do you hear me, this is MY baby.”

When something warm trickled between her legs, Abbey looked down at the spreading puddle. Another contraction robbed her of coherent thought and she followed a primeval urge to push. This child was arriving, whether it was convenient or not.

“You’ve committed the worst sin of all,” a man’s voice condemned.

Abbey knew that she had to get inside the cottage. Once she was there her child would be safe.

“Please, help me get home,” she begged. When she felt a light touch on her arm, she turned. A grateful smile teetered on the edge of her lips until she saw the furious emerald eyes of her saviour.

Hedge-Witchery Books
Amazon UK

Learn more about Margaret West on her website and blog. She also has an informative blog Connecting With Spirit you'll enjoy.

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