Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Time to take the edge off this winter freeze with an excerpt from book three in my series the Magnificent Men of Munich.

Sloane Taylor
ISBN 978-1-60168-060-0
Aspen Mountain Press


Francine Daniels doesn’t trust men. Not since two husbands and a con artist ruined her life. After years of struggle – during which she took back control and soared to new heights – there is no place in her plans for a German hottie…Even if she does burst into flames at his touch.

Heicke Brewer already made one disastrous trip down the aisle, and never plans to go that route again. He prefers the parade of international beauties lined up outside his bedroom door to enjoy his ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ reputation…Until he meets an American pixie too hot not to handle.

Francine is working a golf outing when nature decides to step in.

Francie swiped a hand across her shoulder, hoping her over exuberant co-worker had splashed water and not that a bird had decided her new shirt looked good as a sweet dump site. Dammit, another drop landed on her forearm.

“Gretchen, be more…” She spun around to see the blonde bombshell in deep conversation with a gorgeous golfer that included more body contact than a good lap dance. If they weren’t careful, the entire course would see them humping like dogs in heat.

A quick glance at the sky showed thick black clouds heading toward the golf course, but it was the streaks of dark green reaching the treetops that startled her.

“Hey, Gretchen. Stud Muffin. We need to get all this stuff on the cart.” She dropped the plastic liquor bottles into their cases and brushed the rain from her eyelashes. The few drops had exploded into a full blown downpour. Pissed at the lack of help, Francie turned just as a crack of thunder split the air and she saw a blonde ponytail bouncing as the golf cart sped down the asphalt path.

“You rotten little bitch,” she shouted, but screaming and waving her fist did little to ease her anger.

The sky blazed with jagged arcs of lightning as they streaked upward from the ground. She clamped her hands over her ears as the double explosion of thunder rattled her teeth. Making a snap decision that she could make better time darting to the clubhouse barefooted, Francie yanked off her squishy walking shoes then scooped up the flimsy cashbox and groaned as the sodden mess dissolved in her hands. Coins spilled onto the mushy grass as the notes spun into a whirlpool. Her hands flew as she racked up the currency, stuffing it into the shallow pockets of her capris. She yanked at the soaked shirt clinging to her skin, and decided she had no other choice. A shiver ran down her spine as she slid the heavy euro coins into her bra. The damned things weighed a ton and froze her nipples into tight buds. She turned to sprint down the lane and careened into an oncoming golf cart.

“Shit.” Her knee hurt like hell, but she didn’t have time to worry about it as another bolt of lightning ripped a heavy branch off the tree a few feet away.

“Get in.” A booming voice wiped away her panic. She jumped into the cart, clutching her breasts as the money tumbled to the ground. “Do not worry about them. We will return after the storm, but right now we must get to shelter.”

She nodded in relief, swiping raindrops from her face and glanced into the sexy eyes of the hotel handyman. Of all the asinine times to worry about looks, she thought as she maneuvered her fingertips in a sorry attempt at spiking her hair into its familiar style.

“There is a shelter around this next curve.” He shot a quick glance her way, careful to keep the cart on the narrow lane.

“I can’t believe how the temperature dropped so fast.”

“It is always that way in Germany. Cold in one minute.” His eyes smoldered as he stared at her mouth and she shivered, heat coiling in her belly. “But I have hopes it will warm up soon.”


I'll be back Wednesday with Rick R. Reed. Until then...

Happy Reading!

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell

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