Wednesday, January 02, 2013

It's Wednesday. So What's Cooking?

Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

After all the holiday hustle and bustle, it’s nice to have a little comfort food. Here’s a menu that works great for dinner or lunch.

Tomato Soup
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
White Wine – Riesling

Tomato Soup
1 can of your favorite brand
Chicken stock
Dollop of sour cream

Open the can and pour into a saucepan. Should your canned soup require adding 1 can of water, instead add ¾ can chicken stock. Mix well and heat to a slow boil.

To serve, pour soup into a cup, then add a dollop of sour cream.

Grilled Cheese
2 slices of Italian bread per sandwich
2 slices Provolone cheese per sandwich
1 tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese per sandwich
1 tbsp. butter or margarine or so per sandwich

Melt the butter or margarine in a heavy 8-10 inch skillet or griddle over medium heat. Lay in one slice bread for each sandwich then the cheeses. Cover with the second slice of bread and fry until the bottom slice is browned to your taste. Flip the sandwiches and fry the other side until it reaches the right color. You made need to add a bit more butter or margarine.

Serve the soup and sandwich along with the salad for an easy tasty meal and relax with the wine while you share quiet time with your loved ones.

I'll be back Monday with Jan Springer. Until then...


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  1. I don't know what it is about this combination, but it's definitely my favorite meal on a chilly day. I shouldn't admit it, but I love to sprinkle a few Cheeze-It crackers on top of my bowl of piping hot soup.

    Thanks for sharing, Sloane. You always whet my appetite for something delicious.

    1. Ooh, Cordelia, that sounds good! I will definitely try it and soon. Thanks for dropping in and posting.:)

  2. Simple and easy meal after the holidays! Kudos, Goddess, you've done it again. BTW - sprinkle some of those goldfishes on top of the soup and your grandkids will love it! Toodles!

    1. The grandkids won't be the only ones to love it. lol. Thanks for the advice, Sharon!

  3. Chicken stock! Wow, wouldn't have thunk it. We had tomato soup last night. I added a splash of milk just to cut down the acid a bit.

    1. Holley, I like to pour a little milk right in the center, then break a slew of saltine crackers across the soup. Yum!