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Today we have author MC Halliday who writes from the heart and will stir yours. Passion and depth are her creed. Well, see for yourself what MC has to say:

I admit!

I often write myself into my books. Beyond the extensive research and plotting, I seem to write my most troubling experiences into my noir mysteries and works of fantasy. One of my issues that show up in these books is the loss of my mother at a young age, my ongoing dreams she lives still or the suffering that ensued without her protection.

In, THE KING'S DAUGHTER, the heroine discovers her mother is alive:

“Solely, I be here to keep you safe.” The woman’s voice was soft, imploring.
Touched by the gentle tenderness, Magaith said, “Bear out the truth in what you say that I might have faith and depend on you.”

“I am your mother, known as Imagael. And you, my daughter to Bascogne.”

Magaith took pause, could this be? She found her voice. “The king, my father, spoke of my mother, long ago gone to the other-world.”

“I speak full truth, I am mother to you.”


MC Halliday
ISBN: 1-59998-033-9
Samhain Publishing

In a medieval Eire where the Druid legacy survives, the bartered daughter of a clan king struggles in a web of dark spells to save herself ~ and her beloved knight ~ while under the watchful eye of a lough wizard.

Due to a lack of guidance but in spite of poor treatment growing up, I remained a terribly gullible, trusting girl even when the actions of others proved otherwise; exactly as the heroine is depicted in my novel of Victorian historical erotica. I could not have written this novel without the insight and courage to weave my own internal struggles through the fictional memoirs, I Came Up Stairs: A Victorian Courtesan's Memoirs, 1867 to 1871:

“It was this period of weakness and self-doubt that I believe set the stage for what occurred in the coming weeks and months. It was my need for assurance and comfort that caused me to crave love so desperately.”

"The greatest challenge of my life has been to see and accept the actual truth without great pain and struggle against it."



I CAME UP STAIRS: A Victorian Courtesan's Memoirs, 1867 to 1871
MC Halliday
ISBN 9781770650459
Eternal Press

An epic tale of love and lovers, war and heartbreak woven into the erotic memoirs of a courtesan unashamed of her amorous adventures.

Led from filth and poverty by a gentleman in the hopes of gaining coin for his purse, Mae is shaped into a lady and tutored in the arts of pleasure. With raw sensuality, she creates a seductive dance that entices the peerage in puritanical England, and she quickly becomes favored courtesan to Prince of Wales. Her renown and riches ever rising, she continues to romp with gamely men and women of both the nobility and the lower classes. Eventually, Mae’s bohemian ways cause suffering for those she loves and her own heartbreak. Must she conform to Victorian mores, or can she remain true to her sensual desires?

These intimate memoirs reveal a young woman’s journey from the slums of Whitechapel to celebrated dancer of the Victorian music hall, and courtesan to the highest peers of the British realm. From the years 1867 to 1871, Mae recounts her varied lovers and false loves, and her heartbreaking losses in a quest for happiness.


As much as I write a variety of genres, I believe my books would be less without the depth of my experiences reflected in the character’s challenges and the difficult path to hard won wisdom. My dedication in, The King’s Daughter:
“Everytime there is a struggle, it is a preparation for what is to come.”
Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes from the documentary, The Last Days of Left Eye

“At any place on the road of life we try to do the best we can with the knowledge we have at the time. Our journey is often fraught with rutted cobbles and wide streams but I believe each fall or flounder we might make along the way is a chance to learn, to do better.” MC Halliday

My dedication in, I Came Up Stairs, is one simple sentence:
To my mother, Maureen Grace, long gone and yet, ever the wind at my back.

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We'll be back tomorrow with another side of MC Halliday you won't want to miss.:) Until then...

Happy Writing!

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell

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